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Technology Maturity V/s Payment Solution Maturity Matrix

The Technology – Payment Maturity Matrix has been conceptualized to indicate and infer the potential risks associated with an emerging payment innovation

Technology Maturity refers to the stage of evolution and maturity of the technology.

Payment Solution Maturity refers to the ‘newness’ of a payment solution and how much time is required for the solution to become stable and be widely accepted.

From the above matrix, it is evident that the risks associated with a new payment solution based on a new technology are very high. The nascency of a technology only increases the risks associated with the commercialization of a payment solution. On the other hand, if a payment innovation utilizes an existing stable technology; the associated risks would be lower. Combining an existing payment solution with an existing technology so as to cater to a specific customer need (speed for example) has a low level of risk

Extracted from the paper “Retail Payment Systems” published by the author under the guidance of Prof. P.C.Narayan

Key Considerations for New Technology Adoption in Payment Solutions

With the plethora of technologies available to support the latest payment innovations, it
becomes important to bear in mind the following considerations :
1) Impact of technology on consumer experience
2) Investments required by all players in the payment value chain for implementing the payment solution
3) Return on Investment for all the players in the payment value chain
4) Risks associated with technology
5) Maturity of the technology
6) Stage of Commercialization of the technology
7) Maturity of the payment solution

While technology plays a key role in the payment solution space, it must be remembered
that technology itself is not a panacea. A technology solution must address a distinct set
of requirements which are focused on solving the needs of customers, merchants and
financial institutions.

Extracted from the paper “Retail Payment Systems” published by the author under the guidance of Prof. P.C.Narayan


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