I’ll always be a consultant

In my very first job (almost 10 years ago), a rendezvous with one of the senior business leaders in the organizations went as below.

S: “What do you want to eventually be?”
Me: “A consultant”
S: “What kind of consulting do you want to do? – Business, Process, Technology, Quality, Domain, Strategy…..”
Me: “It really does not matter. I can consult on anything”
So ended our rendezvous.

And even 10 years later, I say the same thing.

Consulting requires knowledge, skill and attitude.

The easiest to acquire is knowledge – If you are willing to invest time and put your mind to it, over a period of time you will certainly strengthen your knowledge base on any subject

Next are the consulting skills – Which range from communication, to relationship building and management, to presentation, to negotiation, to confidence building, to …….. With conscious efforts, guidance, formal training and experience, you can acquire these skills over a period of time

And the most difficult to acquire is the attitude – You either have it or don’t. And if you don’t, you have to work really really really hard to get it…

So, are you a consultant?

I know that I’ll always remain a consultant….

By Nischala Murthy Kaushik Posted in Consulting