A perspective on Twitter

Over the past 3 years, I have spent significant amount of time on Twitter – primarily as an observer of usage, user patterns and behaviors.

Some Observations, Views & Insights:
• A great number of end-users are not yet clear of why they are using this platform. They are simply using it because it exists!!! And had it never existed, it would really not have made any “real difference” in their lives. And this is not a figment of my imagination, but also qualified by several active user’s of the platform.

• Like with any platform utilization, you can maximize your gains only if you
o Have clarity on why you are using the tool
 Is it a personal log?
 Is it for business purposes?
 Is it as a marketing platform?
 Is it simply because it’s available?
 Is it because you have time in surplus?
 Is it because you want to learn & gain knowledge?
 Is it because you want to share with the world at large?
 Is it because you want to create a brand – either personal or professional?
 Is it because you get to control – What you say? Whom you follow? Who can follow you?
 Is it because you get to connect with people that you never thought you ever can; & actually see in real-time what they are really?

o Understand it
 Its features
 Its capabilities
 Its limitations
 Its reach
 Its power

o Effectively use it
By leveraging its capabilities
 By being updated on new features & trends ; and leveraging them
 By aligning its utilization to your primary objective

• A large majority of users have limited awareness on the security aspects of the platform

• Most end-users are completely oblivious to the fact that the tweets they post can affect and impact their lives sometime in the future!!! – Could be positive and negative

• If you’re a serious Tweeter & not yet a celebrity – either real or virtual, some challenges are:
o Reach the right set of users who will value your tweets ; & sometimes this is the real challenge
o Follow the right set of users (& the fewer the better) from whom you can really benefit because what they share has some relevance in your current context – either personal or professional
o Be regular on your tweets to continuously engage with your follower base

Originally published @ http://nipmu.blogspot.com/2011/03/twitter-my-perspective.html


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