Social Media Legacy

At some point in life, we all ask ourselves “What is the legacy I will leave behind?” And typically, the initial response for many of us revolves around financial assets. I had written a blog “What’s the legacy you’ll leave behind?” But the thought continued to linger on….

And then looking around me, I realized that many of us spend significant amount of our daily time online – especially on Social Media platforms [Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc]… So would it not be relevant to plan to leave a legacy of your Social Media presence? Whom you leave that legacy to is a personal choice and How much they will value it is a secondary consideration… Nevertheless, if you are serious about creating a social media legacy, plan for it and objectively work on it – 10, 20, 30 years from now you would have built a rich social media estate… And it’s never too late to start building your social media legacy. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are even companies which are offering services to define your personal online legacy based on your social media presence @

And if you are wondering what legacy you can leave behind, a few ideas below to get you started:
• A blog on a specific subject which you are passionate about / which you are experienced about / which you are knowledgeable about – Could range from marketing to innovation to spirituality to technology to stories to jokes to leadership to branding to art to communication to….
• A collection of inspirational quotes on Twitter
• A photo blog about a subject of your interest
• A blog about family recipes and traditions
• A blog about all that you learnt in school & what you did not learn in school
• A parenting blog
• A blog about your life – Sharing wisdom that you have accumulated over the years – And this is something which everyone can do….

So, do you want to leave a social media legacy for someone????


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