The Right Blog Length

In my experience as a blogger, the length of a blog plays a key role in the number of readers who will read a post.
Keep it too short, and you run the risk of being unable to articulate your message in entirety
Keep it too long, and you run the risk of readers not reading the post fully
Keep it just right, and you get a good readership

So what is the right blog length? – Neither too short nor too long!

A few guidelines on the blog length:
• Try to stick to one window view for the content – Assume typical font size and standard Zoom levels of the browser. And the best way to do this is to apply all that you learnt in precis writing in school. And if you think this is tough, just ask yourself how people are able to convey what they have to say on Twitter in 140 characters 🙂
• Blog content should align to the blog title
• Do structure the content logically into paragraphs – Try to follow the basics of writing which you learnt in school. Have at the very least – Some form of introduction, the body and a conclusion
• Do not compromise on readability – Do highlight or italicize content, as relevant. Use bullets, numbering, tables, etc. to improve readability. Your objective should be how easy is it for anyone to read your blog
• If your blog is turning out to be too long, explore converting the content to a multi-part series. Like Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc. – Do cross-link and reference the preceding and subsequent posts in your blog
• If you do write a really LONG blog, you should have compelling reason to do it, else you can never be guaranteed on how many readers will complete reading the whole blog
• Ensure that there are at least few take-away’s from your blog for any reader: Could be a learning, an insight, a message, a thought, a question or an emotion – Yes! Your blog can make someone happy 🙂

Happy Blogging!!


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