Who Rules Social Media? – Content Creators or Content Consumers

“Content is King” was originally written by Bill Gates in a 1996 article. That was 15 years back… Since then, a lot has changed and evolved in the online world. With the evolution and rapid adoption of social media platforms [Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.], there is an opportunity for everyone to be content creators and continue to be content consumers. The volume of content being generated every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year is mind boggling. And hence, the real challenge for the content consumer is how to rapidly reach the right content as relevant in his / her context..

It’s hard to say whether social media platforms have played a significant role in providing a medium for content creation [online, real-time, easy & mostly free] OR if they have provided a channel to reach potential content consumers [again online, instant & mostly free]. Nevertheless, social media platforms have impacted both these dimensions.

Hence there will always be a debate around who drives the other – Content Creators or Content Consumers?Arguably, content creation means focused efforts and a dash of creativity! And hence content creators rule. On the other hand, content consumption depends on availability and access to content, time and interest. And hence, content consumers empower creators to rule.

The social media paradigm has definitely proved one thing – A lot of us want to express and in the process create content and the social media platforms are thus enablers for both content creators and content consumers.

On that note, here is a question for you – When was the last time you tweeted/blogged/updated your status or simply expressed in this new social world with a like? If not here is your chance!

Co-authored by Meeta L Gangrade and Nischala Murthy

Originally published @ http://www.paulwriter.com/blogs/item/415-social-media-content


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