How do you identify a TOP BLOGGER?

A lot of corporate or community blogs feature a specific blogger as a TOP BLOGGER…
I wonder how they identify the top blogger… Here’s my view on the parameters that should be considered:

1) Quantity of Posts: The number of posts you publish on a specific forum / community is one of the most important criteria. Simply because it is important for a blogger to be able to create and publish a volume of content over a period of time. Typically, the content on these blogs would be reviewed and approved by a content editor / manager. Hence the ability to generate meaningful content as qualified by the concerned authority is itself a testimonial of the bloggers ability.

2) Quality of Posts: Quality of content is another definite criterion for evaluation. Quality should be assessed in terms of the Topics written about, the views expressed, the accuracy of data and references mentioned, the originality of thoughts & articulation and the literary style.

3)Readership for the Posts: The readership that a post gets is another important parameter. The rationale is that if a blog is published in the right forum, then it will get a basic number of readerships. And by virtue of what readers like, they will share / forward / tweet it to others who may like / enjoy reading the blog. And when considering this parameter it is important to consider the active life of a post. For e.g.: The date on which a post was published?. And also the readership for a post in terms of All Time Views or Views in a specific time duration [For e.g.: In a month like October 2011]. These variables will impact the final decision

4) Reader Feedback for the Posts – The reader feedback can be expressed as a comment or Like to the post published. This factor is determined completely by the nature of readers. According to published sources, less than 5% of readers actually provide feedback for blogs they read.

In my assessment, the percentage distribution for assessment and evaluation of bloggers should be as below
Quantity of Posts: 35%
Quality of Posts: 35%
Readership of Posts: 20%
Reader feedback for the Posts: 10%

Do you think any other parameter should be considered? If yes, leave a comment…


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