The 65: 20: 15 Mantra for a Blog

In my experience as a blogger, I have realized that there are 3 key aspects for any blog:
1) Blog Content
2) Blog Marketing
3) Blog Reader Engagement (after the post is published)

The 65: 20: 15 Mantra is a guideline for how you should apportion the time towards a blog.
65% of your time should go towards Blog Content
20% of your time should go towards Blog Marketing
15% of your time should go towards Blog Reader Engagement (after the post is published)

Let’s say you have 60 minutes which you can devote towards a blog. Of this, 39 minutes should be invested on the content, 12 minutes on the marketing and 9 minutes towards engaging with blog readers after the post is published.

Blog Content – The 4 Most Important Aspects
1) Choose the blog title right – The blog title should
a. Be short and concise
b. Be Self-explanatory [unless you specifically intend it to be otherwise]
c. Should catch the reader’s attention [Remember the 30:3:30 principle according to which readers can become either a 30-second reader, a 3-minute reader, or a 30-minute reader based on what they read at the outset. So a 30-second reader can move on to be a 3-minute or 30-minute reader based on what they read in the initial 30-seconds or 3-minutes]

2) Align the blog content with the blog title – Ensure that the content in your blog is a description of the title. Else readers may start reading your blog because the blog title appealed to them, but mid-way they don’t see the connection and just discontinue reading your blog. And in all probability, you would have lost a potential reader forever as there is no dearth of blog content in the online world!

3) Structure your blog well to ensure readability – Use italics, bold, bullets, numbering, tables, pictures, etc. to improve readability. Your objective should be how easy it is for anyone to read your blog and understand the message as quickly as possible. Also, structure the content logically into paragraphs and ensure that there is at the very least an introduction, a body and a conclusion

4) Ensure that there are take-away’s from your blog for any reader – Could be data, information, learning, an insight, a message, a thought, a question, wisdom or emotions [Yes! Your blog can make someone cry, laugh or just happy ]

Blog Marketing – The 3 Most Important Aspects
1) Be Clear on the target audience for whom you have written the blog – A lot of the blog marketing related aspects are directly linked to the target audience that would be interested in your blog and your understanding of their pulse and general sensibilities

2) Choose the right platform to post your blog – It could be your own personal / professional blog, a corporate blog, a community blog, a guest blog, etc.

3) Inform your target readers that you have published a post and share the link – It could be through mail, a tweet, a LinkedIn update, a Facebook update, a mail signature, a call, a chat communication, etc. Whatever be the channel, be sure to inform any reader who would be interested in your blog. Also, for a wider reach, you can request friends / family / colleagues / fellow bloggers to share / tweet / forward, as appropriate

Blog Reader Engagement – The 2 Most Important Aspects
1) Acknowledge Comments – It could be on Social media channels like Twitter or as in reply to comments on a blog OR through one-o-one channels like e-mail, phone, personal chat, etc.

2) Respond to Comments and Feedback – It is important to continuously engage with your readers by responding to their feedback and comments in an eloquent way. Not only does this engagement result in reader’s coming back to your blog, but also provides the blogger additional topics to blog about..

Happy Blogging!!


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