Why X did not get a career promotion?

X was denied a promotion to a senior level in the corporate ladder for reasons unknown… X is confused, unhappy, de-motivated and depressed…

And the only questions plaguing X are:

If one looks  objectively at any organizational procedure for a career promotion, then usually the qualifying criteria are
1) X has played / is playing the right role for a career promotion
2) X has performed and delivered as per the requirements of the role
3) X is ready (Yes! I know of individuals who eve refuse a promotion if they believe they are not ready)
4) X’s boss considers X is ready (And yes! If your boss does not think you are ready, there’s an abysmal chance that you will get promoted)
5) X performs as per expectations in the procedure as defined by the organization (if any) – Could be an evaluation, assessment, interview, etc.

Because in X’s personal assessment the answers to the above questions are as below:
1) Yes
2) Yes
3) Yes
4) Yes
5) Yes

And also, X has a great profile, a diverse work experience in the industry, made significant professional contributions and has a stellar educational background and qualifications. X has been a star performer in the organization, created an impact which the sphere of influence and also made meaningful contributions in multiple forums within and outside the organization… Also, X wanted this promotion real bad and had worked really hard to honor all professional commitments – And really went beyond the call of duty in many occasions…

Obviously the Math does not add-up?

 So what could have possibly gone wrong?

• Was X visible enough?
 o Within the organization [With peers, those above X in the organization hierarchy, those below X in the organization hierarchy] and specifically with people who wield the real power within an organization
 o Outside the organization [In industry forums, independent bodies, etc.]
• Was the evaluation criteria objective, well-defined, standardized and right?
• Was the right panel evaluating X’s performance?
• Was X really playing the right role?
• Did X have a strong personal brand? in one / many dimensions as relevant in the organization context
• Was X really part of the right team?
• Was X’s work valued enough by the team and organization?
• Was X a victim of office politics?
• Was X in the wrong organization?
• Was X a victim of organization re-structuring?
• Was it an organization budget issue?
• Was it discrimination of any kind?
• Was it the law of karma?
• Was it just bad luck?

 What’s your view? Leave a Comment..


One comment on “Why X did not get a career promotion?

  1. Thanks a lot for being our tutor on this subject matter. I actually enjoyed your article a lot and most of all preferred the way you handled the aspect I considered to be controversial. You’re always really kind to readers really like me and assist me in my life. Thank you.

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