8 Pearls of WISDOM from my MOTHER

On the occasion of Women’s Day, I wanted my MOTHER to write a post to articulate her views on any subject of her choice. After all, my mother is the reason that I am, and has played a pivotal role in what I have become today. After a lot of persistence, she finally agreed :). Since this was a Women’s Day special, I asked her for her advice to any Woman…

Here’s what she said:
As a woman, it’s important to take care of your own health to be able to do justice to all the roles you will play in life. Eat right, eat at the right time and eat for the right reasons – And instill this in your family – They may not like it in the short term, but over a period of time they will be grateful that you invested in their health with a little common-sense and discipline. Exercise periodically. Learn and Practice yoga and pranayama.

As a woman, you need to be able to understand that SILENCE is GOLDEN. Several times, you get what you want by being silent and lose what you can gain by speaking. Of course, be judicious and wise on when you choose silence. More importantly, many women have a crying need to speak and express and be heard. Sometimes, it’s OK to not be heard.. Sometimes, it’s OK to keep your thoughts, views and emotions to yourself…

Life is a mixed bad – It comes with ups and downs, good and bad times, happiness and sorrow, success and failure. Try to stay positive – Think positive. Look at the positive things that you have in life and be grateful for them. Associate with positive people.

Always Always Always BELIEVE in YOURSELF. Don’t doubt your strengths, capabilities, choices or decisions – They all happen for a purpose and reason. And it’s usually all for the good

5) Do your BEST in LIFE
Whatever you do in life, do whole-heartedly and the best you can – whatever be the circumstance. Don’t expect anything in return (or rather keep your expectations low), but just focus on what you can do and leave the rest

There is an overarching force and power which guides the ways of the universe – Whatever you choose to call it – God or Guru or Soul. Have faith in this power and that there are some things in life which will be beyond your control, for which you won’t have answers… But just have faith that whatever happens is for the best

As a woman, you should plan and invest in your financial security. While earning is important, what is more important is to save, invest wisely and also spend time to understand personal finances. Women generally tend to ignore learning about personal finance – in spite of being educated or employed – Spend some time to understand personal finance.

8) Give – Do your BIT for a GOOD CAUSE
No matter how much or little you have, you can always give and share – Be it water, food, a shoulder, a ear, an idea, a thought, a deed,.. However small it may seem – It’s your karma; and most importantly, it made a difference to someone…

What are the words of wisdom your mother shared? Leave a comment to let me know

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7 comments on “8 Pearls of WISDOM from my MOTHER

  1. Nice:-) Well interestingly most mothers have something inspirational to say and its amazing how a lot of women do end up becoming mothers and hence probably women in general are inspirational. Having said that I think I have learnt to have relentless amounts of patience and energy from my mom and it is probably true of most moms.

    Cheers to all the lovely moms out there.

  2. Nice:-) Yep, health for a Woman is most important. Mom’s are true inspirational for the devotion, caring and unconditional love towards their children. However, it would be good share the feeling with someone instead of keeping to self.

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