The 5 Distinguishing Traits of a PROSPEROUS WOMAN

On the occasion of Women’s Day, I spent a significant amount of time on women – I read about them, observed them, analyzed them and interacted with them – Women in business, Women in art, Women in politics, Women in power, Women in academics, Women at work, Women who have it all, Women who are a part of my life, Women who rule my life 🙂

On reflection, I realized that some women were definitely more PROSPEROUS than others. There is no universal definition of prosperity … But whatever is your definition of PROSPERITY and in whatever sphere you are looking at, you will find these traits listed below as TRULY DISTINGUSHING in a PROSPEROUS WOMAN

All the women who I consider prosperous have this as a distinguishing trait – They are deeply connected with their femininity. They are aware of it they accept it and also know how to leverage this strength in their life. There is a definite power in femininity – Just that many women are unaware of it, ignore it or simply choose to underplay it. And those who are able to harness it in their lives usually end up prosperous

Prosperous women are amazingly positive. Encircle them with the worst situation or circumstance, and they’ll still be positive – Rather they will choose to look at the positive and find a way out. And I don’t mean that they are disconnected from reality, but more in terms of being pragmatic and positive. Positivity is a mind-set; and some woman are born this way, some are conditioned this way and some turn out this way. Just pause and reflect “Would you rather be around someone who is always positive or negative?”

Being accepting is a truly admirable trait and one which make a REAL DIFFERENCE in the life of a woman. And prosperous women have TRULY made peace and accepted their past, their strengths, their weakness, their power and their many roles – In one word ACCEPTED THEMSELVES FOR WHAT THEY ARE.

I was surprised when I discovered this. But openness seems to really stand out when it came to prosperous women – They were open in their thoughts, in their expressions, with their emotions, to people, experiences, life, and most importantly, to learn/un-learn and re-learn…

Prosperous women observe, are aware, sense, are sensitive, understand – what you say, what you don’t say, what you feel and many times even what you’re thinking. They have an exclusive combination of a high EQ (Emotional Quotient),high IQ (Intellectual Quotient) and high SQ (Spiritual Quotient) which is balanced… This gives them a unique insight into people and human behavior. Of course, they continuously enrich these quotients with their real-life interactions & experiences; and continuously improve along the way

What do you think? Do the prosperous women in your life exhibit one / more of these distinguishing traits? Leave a comment to let me know…

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