The 9 Women Bloggers I’ve Learnt From

As a blogger, I’ve read zillions of blogs from several bloggers across the globe. And I have learnt from some blogs, been inspired by some blogs, laughed at some blogs, gone back wiser after reading some blogs and of course, vowed never again to visit some blogs..

On the occasion of Women’s Day, I wanted to dedicate a post to The 9 Women Bloggers who I’ve learnt from. Since my personal interests are diverse, the list below is a reflection of this diversity. Each of these bloggers has a unique style of writing, different focus and niche, different brand image and different follower base. However, personally every time I visit their blogs – I learn, I am inspired, I get new ideas or I get answers to questions.

And just wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU ALL! Keep Blogging! Happy Blogging!

So without any further ado, let me list them below in alphabetical order:
Amy Oscar
Blog @
Focus: Life, Inspiration

Ann Tran
Blog @
Focus: Social Media, Inspiration

Blog @
Focus: Cooking (Indian)

Heidi Cohen
Blog @
Focus: Social Media, Marketing

Kristie Heins
Blog @
Focus: Blogging, Social Media

Lisa Petrilli
Blog @
Focus: Visionary Leadership

Margie Clayman
Blog @
Focus: Social Media, Marketing, Advertising

Paula Pant
Blog @
Focus: Freedom, Wealth, Personal Finance

Blog @
Focus: Parenting (India)

As I did my research on Women’s Day, I discovered that there were so many lists on Women’s blogs and exposed me to several new women bloggers.. While I have not yet read all of them, felt it would be worthwhile to share the links that I found interesting…

100 Must Read Blogs… By Women

Top 100 Female Bloggers
Top 10 Female Bloggers in the World
Women in Blogging : 125 Fearless Female Bloggers
Top 100 Women Bloggers you should be reading
This List of Top 10 Blogs by Women Might Change Your Life.
50 Best Blogs by Women


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