9 Reasons Why I Don’t Leave a Comment on your Blog…

There’s a lot of focus and discussion around the number of comments a blog is able to elicit – And this is used by many global sites as the yardstick for measuring the popularity of a Blog Post. Hence, being able to initiate and engage with readers through comments is a focus and priority for many bloggers.

However, if you’ve been a blogger for a while now… The one thing that you will realize is that readers surprise you many times with their reactions and responses – There may be a post you published which in your own assessment should elicit loads of reader comments, but you barely get any.. And some which you published not expecting any real comments, but you were pleasantly surprised with the amont of comments that your post elicited… That’s probably one of the most exciting aspects of being a blogger – You NEVER KNOW WHEN your in for a SURPRISE – Some good surprises, some bad surprises and some ugly surprises!!!

As I took a step back to ask myself why I don’t comment on all the blogs that I read, the honest answers are below:

1) I’ve not READ your BLOG
Yes! This is one of the possible reasons on why I might not comment on your blog – With so many blogs in the blogosphere, its so easy to miss reading your blog, and hence I CANNOT comment on your blog. So to get me / any reader to read your blog, your Blog Title must appeal to me and your blog content must engage me. Also, if your blog is personally recommended by someone I hold in high regard, the chances that I read you blog are increased significantly!

2) There was NOTHING for me to COMMENT
Another reason which surprised me. Simply because neither did the post elicit any thought or emotion which compelled me to comment. Like there are so many blogs to which I say OK… So what? and move on… If you want someone to leave a comment, your blog should touch them or make them think…

3) I did NOT FEEL LIKE Commenting
Sometimes, I’m just not in the mood to leave a comment. And once the moment has passed, its gone. I rarely ever go back to the post and leave a comment

4) There was NO place to Comment
Yes! There are some awesome blogs on which I really want to comment, but there’s no place / option to leave a comment. How sad but TRUE!

5) Its very DIFFICULT to Comment
Some blogs make the whole process of leaving a comment an ordeal that I’d rather NOT leave a comment. Lets face it! We all deal with a zillion DIFFICULT things on a daily basis, and hence I would really appreciate if leaving a comment was easy!

5) I’m experiencing some technical issues
Again, one of the reasons why I have not left a comment many times – My browser hangs, A machine problem, The site went down, etc etc. And if I don’t leave a comment then and there, I’ll probably NEVER go back to leave a comment… That’s the TRUTH!

6) I’m doing 5 other things while reading your post
Given that most of us are multi-tasking everyday, this is not surprising to me. I’m probably reading your blog while watching the TV, talking to my family and thinking about my next blog post :). So somehow I forget to leave a comment

7) I did not understand your post
Again, there are so many posts which I read with full interest and attention, but I did not understand what you are trying to say. Mostly its not the subject – But the articulation which is the typical root-cause OR may be it’s just not in my league. Whatever! If I don’t understand what you’re trying to convey, I’ll probably not leave a comment..

8) I just DID NOT have the TIME
There are some posts which I want to leave a comment but I am genuinely running short of time. Like I am rushing for my next appointment or there’s something else crying for my immediate attention, and hence though I do want to leave a comment – I don’t! And again, if I’ve missed leaving it then and there, there’s very little chance that I’ll re-visit to comment – Unless there’s a compelling reason to do so!!!

9) I Don’t KNOW
There are sometimes when I don’t know why I don’t leave a comment… There’s no specific reason that I can zero-in.. But I end up not leaving a comment…

What are the reasons why you don’t leave a comment? Leave a comment to let me know…


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