12 Most Mesmerizing Mantras on How to Publish 321 Blogs in 321 Days

I have published 321 blog posts in 321 days in the Blogosphere — these include all that I have written on my public blogs, my private blogs, corporate blogs, as a guest blogger and on several community blogs. In terms of averages, that’s almost 1 blog per day.

In terms of size, they varied from ones which had a few paragraphs to the ones which were so long that I converted them to a series. In terms of quality again, they range from good, great, excellent to outstanding! In terms of the hats I have worn, they span across the whole range: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White and Black. In terms of literary style, they range from prose to poetry. In terms of impact on readers, there were those which did not elicit any reaction and response; and those which actually brought tears because they were so touching, moving, personal or special.

In my own assessment, this is a significant achievement given that I have 2 full time jobs — one at Wipro and one as a mother; not to mention all the other roles and responsibilities that I shoulder being a part of this cosmic world! And the reality is that blogging does take time and effort. But then again, I do love blogging… so I always manage to make or find the time to blog.

The Holy Grail is to understand the process of blogging and deconstruct the same. In this post, I will articulate how I have successfully done this.

1. Keep a log of blog topics
The reality is that topics to blog about can occur at any time of the day or night and when you are in the midst of any activity. And if you don’t capture the topic in that moment, it is lost in the myriad of other things. When a blog topic occurs to you, make it a point to capture it. It can be on a piece of paper, on a notepad, on a document, as a message/memo, on your mobile — whatever! The key is to log it.

One of the challenges that many bloggers face is that they run out of ideas or topics to blog about when they actually get down to blogging. If you have such a ready-to-use log of blog topics, you will never really run out of blogs. In my personal example, as of this date I have about 90 topics that I can write about anytime in the future. And I am certain that these topics will keep me busy for a couple of months!

2. Think about blog content every opportunity you get
Once you have decided on the topic for your blog, be sure to think about the blog content at every opportunity that you get. Ask yourself basic questions like Why? How? When? Where? Why? For Whom? And the response to these questions will form the content of your blog.

It can be when you are taking a walk, when you are cooking, when you are at a traffic signal, when you are waiting, when you are idle, when you are browsing and waiting for that page to open up… just a few moments that you get can be spent constructively to refine your thoughts. If you are clear in your mind about what you want to articulate in your blog, the actual writing process takes very little time.

3. Always keep handy a place to scribble your thoughts
Again, this could be on a piece of paper, on a notepad, on a document, as a message / memo on your mobile — whatever! The key is to note down the points as you refine your thoughts. Be sure to keep your writings in a place where you won’t lose them! Again, this habit significantly reduces your actually blogging time as a lot of the back-end work is complete.

4. When you get a chance, write and update the post
Any chance or time that you get to update your post, don’t miss it. This could be in the form of a Word document, Notepad, or in your Blog Drafts. In reality, blog posts are evolving pieces of creative work. Hence, you will not get it right the first time every time.

Over a period of time, you will add on to your blog content and before you know, there will be enough quality and quantity for you to publish. And yes! There are some posts which you will probably complete in 10 minutes and some which take eons. That is just the law of averages at work. So don’t fret!

5. When your creative juices flow, just blog
There are times when you experience moments in which you are able to blog to perfection. The right words just seem to ooze out so naturally, so effortlessly, so beautifully and so rapidly. And in these moments you actually lose track of time and the world around you; and tend to deliver your best blogs. When you experience such a moment and your creative juices flow, just leave everything else (Yes! They can all wait!) and blog. You will be amazed at what you are able to create in those few minutes. Many times, you almost wonder if it was you who wrote that piece!

6. Proofread
Once you have compiled about 90% of your content, spend time proofreading what you have written. Edit, re-edit… re-edit… until you are personally satisfied! If you can outsource the proofreading task to a friend or family, then great! You just saved yourself more time! Of course, be sure to take the final look at your blog and certify with your stamp of approval. Ultimately, it is your name that will be associated with the blog post.

7. Finalize where you will publish your post
Once you have all your content ready, it’s time to publish. Do note that all the points mentioned above are off line activities. They don’t really need you to be online. Of course, when you think it’s right to publish, go for it.

Spend some time to think about the target audience you want your blog to reach. Research about various forums available to publish your post. Based on your own assessment, finalize on the forum where you will publish your blog

8. Publish at the right time
By virtue of understanding the pulse of your readers, you should be able to gauge what times of the day and what days of the week you generally get the maximum readership. Try to publish your posts at these times.

9. Set targets
Another useful mantra is to set a specific blogging targets for yourself. For example: I will write 2 posts and publish 1 post this week. What targets ensure is that you have a blogging plan and set aside some time on a periodic basis for blogging. This mandates some form of self-discipline.

The reality is that there are two sides of the brain – The right creative brain and the left logical brain. Blogging is a form of an individual’s creative expression. So a blogger typically, tends to use more of the right brain. Of course, you do also use your left brain also; albeit this is limited. Setting targets ensures that the left brain is further utilized. After all, balance in employing both sides of your brain is the key to ensure that your gray cells are constantly nurtured.

10. Monitor your targets
Once you have set targets, assess and monitor your progress. This may lead to a review and modification of your targets, to set higher targets or being more disciplined in your blogging efforts.

11. Read and respond to comments
Do set aside some time to read and respond to comments of readers. Reader engagement through comments has the potential to establish reader loyalty, not to mention the additional fringe benefit of possibly getting new ideas for your next blog!!!

12. Enjoy the process… enjoy blogging
Lastly and most importantly, just keep at blogging and enjoy blogging.

This has worked for me. Will it work for you? Please leave a comment and…
Happy Blogging!

Published @ http://12most.com/2011/12/07/12-mesmerizing-mantras-publish-321-blogs-321-days/ (7 Dec 2011). Republished with permission, courtesy of 12 Most


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