The AEIOU Reasons for YOU to Blog..

Blogging is a creative medium for literary expressions…
The reason I say “CREATIVE” is simply because
* You need to be CREATIVE in the topics
* You need to be CREATIVE in the articulations
* You need to be CREATIVE in reader engagement
Else, you will not enjoy the blogging journey

In this blog, I have listed the AEIOU Reasons for YOU to Blog :
Blogging increase your AWARENESS
Blogging enhances your own EXPRESSIONS
Blogging compels you to INTROSPECT
Blogging makes you OBSERVE
Blogging enables you to UNDERSTAND

All these are based on my own personal experiences and journey as a blogger over the past 2+ years!

Blogging increase your AWARENESS
Once you start blogging regularly, you become AWARE. Aware about what? – Yourself, Your environment, People, Events, Social Media, Tools, Technologies,… – The WORLD at LARGE! And AWARENESS is probably the single most important REASON why you should blog. Once your own awareness increases, the sky is the limit to what you can think, do or achieve!

Blogging enhances your own EXPRESSIONS
The one thing which REALLY MAKES a difference in today’s world is EFFECTIVE EXPRESSIONS – Be it as a part of personal or professional life. And blogging can make a transformational difference here! The more you blog, the more you are compelled to express yourself in a clear and concise fashion – So that anyone anywhere can comprehend your message. And over a period of time, you will be able to witness a transformational change in your expressions. This has a definite positive implication in all aspects of your life

Blogging compels you to INTROSPECT
To blog, you need to be able to introspect and “connect the dots” in your head – There’s lots of data, views, opinions, perspectives available today – It’s the age of Information Overload. Blogging compels you to leverage some / all of this information to your own life experiences and INTROSPECT so that you have a message to share. And that’s how your blog content emerges…

Blogging makes you OBSERVE
If you’ve been blogging for a while now, the one change you will see in yourself is that you are more OBSERVANT. And why? Because you will realize that after a point – what you can write about in your blogs is linked to your own observations – Can be observations of yourself, nature, friends, family, customers, organizations, people at work, children, schools, education, etc. And the more you observe, the more you actually learn.. And Learning is a key element in the journey of life..

Blogging enables you to UNDERSTAND
TRUE UNDERSTANDING of anything in the world comes only with AWARENESS, OBSERVATION and INTROSPECTION. And this can be understanding on any topic – Could be blogging, to social media, to people, to yourself. Blogging makes you understand several things – because in the long run, you cannot blog quality and quantity content if you don’t understand and appreciate things in you and around you…

On that note, HAPPY BLOGGING!
And hope this blog inspired you to leave a BLOG in the blogosphere.

What are the reasons you recommend for others to BLOG? Leave a comment to let me know…


3 comments on “The AEIOU Reasons for YOU to Blog..

  1. Hi Nischala,
    This is the best blog post I have read on the subject which answers the question – WHY BLOG?
    Truly a very inspiring and insightful piece which i am sure will motivate new bloggers.
    Your blog is impressive too. You are a very creative person and you write very well.
    Happy Blogging

    • Thanks for stopping by Vikram and leaving a comment.. Glad you enjoyed.. Do share in your network and if I can inspire someone, that’s the best achievement ;).. Have a great day

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