Are you clear about your PRIORITIES?

Let me start by asking you 3 simple questions:
1) What are your Top 3 PRIORITIES at WORK today?
2) What are your Top 3 PRIORITIES at WORK for this year?
3) What are your Top 3 PRIORITIES in your PERSONAL LIFE?
If you know these answers and are able to express them in a clear and concise fashion, then CONGRAJULATIONS! You have cleared the first and most important step on your ladder to success…

Over the past few years, I have observed and interacted very closely with several people on the personal and professional front. And today, many of them have been phenomenally successful in their own right!
As I mull over these success stories, one of the common characteristic that I have observed in all these individuals is a PHENOMENAL CLARITY on their PRIORITIES…

So what did they really get right?

Firstly, they had invested time to identify and discover their personal priorities – At work, as a part of their personal life and then based on these two they had a list of priorities for a day – usually written down for ready reference. And these priorities were really aimed at taking them closer to their specific goals and objectives

Secondly, they were able to translate these thoughts into very precise and concrete words. So while they were clear in their mind about their priorities, they were also able to articulate them in very simple words so that it was crystal clear and very specific!

Thirdly, they were able to easily rank their priorities in an ascending order at any given point of time

Fourthly, they were able to translate these priorities into tangible action on a day-to-day basis

Fifthly, before they started doing any new task, they’d usually pause for a minute to think and validate the relative priority of the task on their priority list. If it figured low on the list, they’d delay work on it, and focus their time and efforts on the ones higher up on the priority list

And lastly, they’d invest time on a regular basis to reflect and review on their priorities to identify if there are any changes to this priority list!

Pause and Reflect…
Have you figured out your TOP PRIORITIES for today?
Have you figured out your TOP PRIORITIES at work?
Have you figured out your TOP PRIORITIES for life?


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