Are you clear about your OBJECTIVES?

If there’s one key difference between those who achieve their objective and those who fall short it is this – Clarity on your OBJECTIVES!
Be it in professional or personal lives.. Clarity on your objectives is critical for achieveing success….

And when I say clarity, the following parameters are important:
1) Well defined statement for what needs to be achieved
2) A definite time frame
3) A measurement criteria, that is, how can you measure if you have achieved your objective?

We all usually have objectives defined for us.. But yet, many of us fail in achieving this.. Here’s why:
a) Many of us don’t spend enough time in understanding the objectives well enough through a formal discussion ; and hence a lot of detail is fairly ambiguous and hence we fall short in achieving the objectives. Also, in any work context there are tangible objectives which are well documented, and intangible objectives. The thing about intangible objectives is no one spells them out to you, but your organization / team / manager expects them from you – And hence, it is critical to spend time in figuring out the intangible objectives as well!
b) Many of us don’t have clear objectives at the time that we should have them, and hence there’s no way we will be able to achieve them within the stipulated time – Again, the focus is to ensure that you have your objectives clearly spelt out so that you are able to work towards achieving them
c) Many of us don’t have clarity on the relative priority of our objectives. So usually we end up with 5 – 10 key objectives for what needs to be achieved during a time frame (say a year). And usually out of these, achieving 2-3 objectives are non-negotiable – So if you don’t achieve these, it affects the overall assessment of your objectives. The others are important, but not so critical – And hence if you do achieve them, its great. But if you don’t, the impact is not as significant on the overall assessment of your objectives
d) One of the most common reasons why many of us fail in meeting our objectives is because we probably don’t have a plan on how to achieve them – Once you do create a plan on how to achieve these objectives, the probability that you will achieve them is significantly high
e) Last but not least, most of us don’t review our objectives and the progress made against these on a regular basis. So if you need to achieve an objective in 3 months – It helps to do a self-review periodically (say every week) to track your progress and where you need to focus your time and energy to ensure that you are able to achieve your objectives! Of course, if you can also schedule for a formal review with your team / manager, the interim feedback will enable you to make the required course corrections towards achieving your objectives

In the personal context, what I’ve observed is:
a) Most of us don’t have any specific objectives on what we want out of ourselves. Most of us tend to go with the flow OR with the here and now OR with what others want / expect / need of us. The first and critical step to achieving your objective is to ensure that you define personal objectives for yourself – This will need some time and thought and introspection – But definitely worth it in the long run!
b) Even if you have personal objectives, the two areas where many of us fall short are – One, we don’t have a specific time frame and Two, we don’t have specific measurement criteria! And hence, we set up ourselves for failure!
c) Last but not least, we don’t set aside time out of our daily routine to work on achieving our objectives. One of the best ways to ensure you achieve you objective is to set aside some time on a regular basis (say daily 10 mins or weekly 30 mins) to work on achieveing your objective! And before you know, you would have made progress to achieve your objective..

Pause and Reflect
Are you crystal clear about your PROFESSIONAL OBJECTIVES?
Are you crystal clear about your PERSONAL OBJECTIVES?


3 comments on “Are you clear about your OBJECTIVES?

  1. When establishing my own objectives, I’ve often found it most difficult to clarify my time frame for achieving them which allows me too much wiggle room to put them off or fall of track. Great advice and something I’ll need to work on!

  2. Awesome post Nischala. You are spot on…it’s all about clarity. Reading this post put a smile on my face. Thank-you;-)

    I could do with your help, with your local knowledge you may be able to assist me as I’m looking for a Business Partner in Mumbai. I am based in London (UK) however I want to expand my e-commerce concept into the Asian Market (time allocation to project can be flexible). I’m only looking to work with serious applicants only, I will not work with just anyone.

    I thank you in advance.

    Go to my leave your name & email and I will send you a ‘free report’ with more information.

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