Nischala’s Blog-o-Series : EDUCATION

Education as a subject has been close to my heart for very many years.

Here’s one of the finest definitions of what education means : Education in its broadest, general sense is the means through which the aims and habits of a group of people lives on from one generation to the next. Generally, it occurs through any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts. In its narrow, technical sense, education is the formal process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills, customs and values from one generation to another, e.g., instruction in schools.(Src:

As I look back to connect the dots of my life, I can’t help but recognize, acknowledge and appreciate the difference EDUCATION has made in my life… Today, it would be fair to say that I am probably what I am primarily because of all the EDUCATION I received in my life – From my parents, teachers, family, friends, institutions and organizations I have been associated with and of course LIFE!

Hence, I am running a special feature on my blog dedicated to Education.. The schedule for the series is below:

22 June 2012 – The Lessons of LIFE no School really taught me
26 June 2012 – Nischala’s Blog-o-Rendezvous with ANGELA MAIERS
28 June 2012 – The Solo Educator by Anurag Behar
3  July 2012 – The Sandbox Manifesto by Angela Maiers
5  July 2012 – What to Teach by Anurag Behar
10 July 2012 – My Education is a result of my Experiences by Meeta Gangrade
12 July 2012 – Nischala’s Blog-o-Rendezvous with Prof.D.V.R.Seshadri
17 July 2012 – The BEST Education Blogs I’ve come across
19 July 2012 – In Search of Research : My tryst with Academia by Pavan Soni
24 July 2012 – Everything I learned in Kindergarten by Angela Maiers
26 July 2012 – Nischala’s Blog-o-Rendezvous with Dr.BINDU HARI
31 July 2012 – My Favorite Quotes on Education

This Series is dedicated to my FATHER!


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