Should you always make things EASY for OTHERS?

A lot of people I know live with the primary objective of making things EASY for others.. They go through extra pain or difficulty just so that things are simpler better and easier for others.

Classic examples are parents doing home-work for children OR bubble-wrapping them in a world of comfort and luxury far away from the “real world”, wife doing everything possible at home (from timely food to polishing shoes, etc. etc.) to make life easy for the husband, husbands doing everything possible outside home so that life is easy for wife and the kids (from earning to grocery shopping, etc. etc.), over protective managers doing work for their teams just so that everyone succeeds, teachers giving answers to students before they even think or apply their minds,  etc etc etc.. There are a whole range of examples you can think of if you look at the world around you!

And what does easy really mean? Well! To most people EASY LIFE really translates to “GET WHAT YOU WANT with MINIMUM / NO EFFORT“. I mean who does not like to have it easy in life.. Most of us like things to be easy on all dimensions of life – be it at work, play, financially, good health, optimal weight, with friends, family, at home.. in society

Hmm.. Now! Is that possible at all always? Guess not! Unless you are born into royalty and the environment around you fosters such a way of life OR If you are with someone who loves you unconditionally (parents, siblings?, friends?, soul-mates) and will go the extra mile for a lifetime just for YOU!

If you are one of those lucky ones, Good for YOU! Just don’t take them for granted and make sure you say THANK YOU for your lucky stars!

But the point is that “Is it really good to make things EASY for OTHERS always?“.. I guess NOT! Simply because if you make things easy for others all the time, you are actually doing more harm than good in the long run..

You are actually not giving others an opportunity to try, to discover, to experiment, to appreciate the level of difficulty, to value what you do, to figure things out, to find answers, to succeed, to fail, to solve problems, to become more aware, to understand, to improve, to become stronger, to push themselves, to figure out what they are capable/incapable of.. But more importantly TO LEARN! TO THINK! and TO REALLY PREPARE for the REAL WORLD.. THE FUTURE!

So, do you always make things easy for others? OR Do you always have it easy in life? Time to think….


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