Does your CULTURE influence your BLOGGING behavior?

I’ve been active in the blog-o-sphere for about 5 years now. During this time, I have read zillions of blogs of people from all over the world and from different cultures.. About 2 years back, I had a personal hypothesis which suggested that an individual’s blogging behavior is partly influenced by their culture.

Before getting into details, I’d like to share a broad definition of culture : “Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts.” [Src: ]

So have you ever thought whether culture influences your blogging behavior? Well I did! And I am listing below the blogging behaviors which are influenced by culture:

  • Awareness on what a blog is – Reflection on your inherent curiosity in learning and being aware of the world around you! (And trust me! There are lots of people who still do not know what a blog is)
  • Whether you start a blog  (it could be private or public)  – A reflection of coming down to “doing things” – Do you want first hand experience? Do you like to try and test the waters? Same can be extended for anything in life!
  • Whether your blog is public or private – A reflection of how much of yourself you like to share and also how confident you are about yourself, your views and your literary abilities!
  • How long you continue a blog – A reflection of your interest, creativity, self motivation, priorities and discipline. All these are vital to sustain a blog in the long term
  • Your habits in reading blogs – A reflection of your personal interest and priorities (which are definitely influenced by your culture)
    • Do you read blogs? If yes, how frequently?
    • What kind of blogs you read? (Topics / Focus. For e.g.: Cooking, Parenting, etc.)
  • Do you comment on a Blog – A reflection of whether you have a view on a subject and whether you are comfortable expressing yourself in public. And even if you do, do you prefer to comment with your own name, a fictitious name or anonymously!
  • Will you share a Blog  – A reflection of your beliefs when it comes to sharing and the value you associate with sharing- Do you like to share valuable / invaluable information / content with others or do you keep it for yourself?
    • With Whom?
    • Through which channel? – Mail, Twitter, FaceBook, etc

NOTE: Above is purely based on my observations and analysis of blogs across the globe. I don’t have hard-data or scientific analysis to prove / disprove my hypothesis. And I definitely believe that this could be a great research topic for anyone to pursue in detail.

What’s your view? Do you think your culture influences your blogging behavior?
Leave a comment to let me know


One comment on “Does your CULTURE influence your BLOGGING behavior?

  1. I chanced upon your blog while I was down a google search hole, looking for some info to put on my blog. You are so very right about our culture influencing our blog posts. More often than not, I’ve noticed people enjoy sharing via social media only such posts that they want others to know of. I do not obsessively post my blogs on facebook, but do so on google+ instead, which has a much smaller audience, and doesn’t get me unwanted attention. Anyway, this was a good read!

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