How frequently should you blog?

There’s a lot of global debate and discussion around “How frequently should you blog?” – Be it a personal blog or a professional blog.. And also a lot of answers, advice and best practices ranging from “You should blog every day”  TO “You should blog 2-3 times per week”  TO “You should blog once a week”  TO “You should blog once a month“… With so many diverse opinions it becomes hard for any blogger to figure out the right answer..

From my personal experience I can definitely say that there is NO RIGHT ANSWER.. It all depends on the big WHY? Why are you blogging and what do you want to achieve from your blogs? So the frequency of your blogs should be governed by your own personal blogging objectives..

Having said that, I can also say from personal experience that blogging in the long run requires creativity in terms of
– Blog topics and the way you articulate,
– Discipline in the blogging process and
– Time and effort to keep the blog active over a long period of time (say years)..

All three parameters are equally important. So if you have a lot of ideas, but are not disciplined and don’t take the time to publish a blog you will not have an active blog!

Also, most of the globally reputed blogs publish atleast 1 article per week, some of them 2. But they do ensure that the blogs are updated regularly at a pre-determined frequency (including days of the week and times of the day). Having been a blogger for several years now, I can definitely say that the recommended frequency for any serious blogger (no matter what the objective) is 1 – 2 blogs / week. It can be your own blogs or a guest blog, but there absolutely has to be an update every week.

From the reader’s perspective it helps to know when one can find an update on your blog and hence they can look forward to your posts regularly.

For the blogger’s perspective, enforcing a frequency ensures that you read regularly, you think constantly and you also write on a regular basis so that you have an active blog. And if you look at the larger canvas of life, reading, thinking and writing are 3 key foundational pillars for anyone to learn, grow and evolve in the journey of life.. So why will anyone not do them?


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