Is there a measure to EXCELLENCE?

Excellence is the
Result of Caring more than others think is Wise,
Risking more than others think is Safe,
Dreaming more than others think is Practical, and
Expecting more than others think is Possible.

BY Ronnie Oldham

Everyone I know proudly recalls moments during their school years when their school work was graded as “Excellent!”. OR their parents said “Excellent!” for any of their efforts and creations or their coaches / mentors praised their efforts and outputs as “Excellent!”. Simply because that was the BEST POSSIBLE GRADING one could ever receive. And who does not like to receive the BEST?

As you grow older, you get to hear less of the “Excellent!” – Be it at home or outside.. Simply because as you grow, expectations increase and more importantly, it is probably hard to be the BEST in the eyes of everyone around you! Adding to this is the fact that many people don’t pause to appreciate and express the EXCELLENCE around them…

So, I’ve been thinking..
Is there really a measure to EXCELLENCE?
How does anyone qualify EXCELLENCE?
Is everyone qualified to judge EXCELLENCE?

And here’s what I realized…
In any sphere of work or life
Sometimes, EXCELLENCE is a DREAM

EXCELLENCE is RELATIVE to your experience
EXCELLENCE is SUBJECTIVE to your ideas and views
EXCELLENCE is INFLUENCED by your emotions
EXCELLENCE is BOUND TO CHANGE.. with time.. with life

So that’s my view..
What do you think? Is there a MEASURE to EXCELLENCE? Leave a comment to let me know


One comment on “Is there a measure to EXCELLENCE?

  1. Hi,

    That is a great question. But the fact is, its not about only excellence, anything and everything is subjective. ‘There is no such thing as absolute’ is one of the quote by wise ones. Therefore to ensure that we can move forward we started assumptions, to be taken as a base to measure everything. Now these assumptions could be in indiviual capacity or could be at macro level involving others.

    so how do we claim excellence at macro level, by assigning a purpose and goal for all to reach and thereby putting a measure to it. Based on outcomes in comparison to goals one can claim excellence.

    The assumptions to such can always be questioned but without taking something as a base to measure you cannot function.

    You say excellence is a fallacy/reality/dream, I would say only till you believe every assumption is a fallacy/reality/dream.(and maybe it is).

    If you really want an answer of your question, then think of anything you have experienced ever in your entire life which is not subjective/relative/percieved or not bound to change.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

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