Nischala’s BEST posts of 2012

It’s 31 Dec 2012. The last day of the year. And as I look back at my blogging journey, I can definitely say that it has been great – A lot of blogging (200+ on my public blogs and 150+ on my private / restricted blogs – So on an average that is 1 post per day right through the year!), a lot of learning, A lot of experimentation, A lot of improvements, A lot of happy and proud moments, A lot of milestones reached, A lot of new personal records set and yet a long way to go…

In this post, I am listing the BEST posts of 2012 – In terms of the writings, in terms of the response and more importantly in terms on my personal favorites

Sharing it so that you can read them again or check them out in case you missed them before – Listing them below in two broad groups – LIFE and SOCIAL MEDIA & BLOGGING; and in random order


33 Lessons of Life No School Really Taught Me

12 Choices to Transform Your LIFE

12 Most Life-Molding Basics YOU Should Invest In

What it means to be a MOTHER?

Can a SORRY undo everything

Nischala’s Blog-o-Rendezvous with Prof D V R Seshadri

Nischala’s Blog-o-Rendezvous with ANGELA MAIERS

12 Most Promising Outcomes from the Regular Practice of Yoga

Can simple everyday rules at home change your life?

The 5 Distinguishing Traits of a Prosperous Woman

What is the most important QUESTION?

What is the most IMPORTANT Career Choice a Woman makes?

What really drives human behavior?


AEIOU Reasons for you to Blog

Why you should wear the 6 Thinking Hats on your blog?

Understanding the Hype Cycle of a Blog

The Biorythmic Cycles of a Blogger

9 KEY Reasons for you to READ

12 Most Compelling Reasons for your to Write


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