Blog Make-Over Services – Any Takers?

In life, I’ve seen several types of make-overs
Make-overs of houses
Make-overs of wardrobes – clothes, footwear, accessories
Make-overs of physical appearance, i.e, the face (usually a hair cut, hair style, make-up, etc. and sometimes permanent solutions like surgery too)
Make-overs of weight (usually unimaginable weight loss in a short duration)
Make-overs in relationships…

Given that I am so entrenched into blogging, I can’t help but draw a parallel of everything to blogging. As I mulled over this, I wonder if anyone could offer Blog Make-Over Services (Both for individual bloggers and corporate blogs)?
Aimed at transforming your blog at 2 levels
(1) A new and improved layout : New colors, images, template, fonts, etc etc etc – which appeals to general masses. In many cases, this change will probably be welcome by both the blog owners and the blog readers too!
(2) Content make-over : To help you create and publish compelling content in a continuous and consistent fashion; and also maintain the content for decades to come

I don’t know if anyone provides blog make-overs, but I sure do think that there could be a market out there for such services?

What’s your view? Would you like your blog to be given a make-over.. Leave a comment to let me know


One comment on “Blog Make-Over Services – Any Takers?

  1. I am sure there are services already out there and besides, being in IT world isn’t that difficult to do make over and re-write some of the important content to speak about blog.

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