Address to young graduates joining the IT Workforce

Last week – On the occasion of International Women’s Day (8 March 2013), I had the opportunity to address a group of young college graduates (all women) who are soon to join the IT workforce. It was an interesting and interactive session, filled with a lot of energy, enthusiasm, questions, laughs and participation.

In this blog, I am sharing the key messages I highlighted during this interaction:

Key Lessons from my Corporate Journey
(1) The “College World” is DIFFERENT from the “Corporate World” : primarily in terms of the fact that your role changes from a service consumer to a service provider
(2) Be OPEN to roles, responsibilities, opportunities
•In first 3 – 5 years, every thing you do counts and can shape your career
•Diversity of the work you do makes you understand the “complete picture”
•Holistic understanding is key to success and growth
(3) Make continuous LEARNING a priority in your LIFE
•Collaboration is the key to growth
•Networks and Relationships do make a difference in the corporate context
(5) Having a Mentor makes a DIFFERENCE
(7) Speak Up – Communication is KEY!
(8) Ask for what you want. Sometimes just asking for it can bring it to your table!
(9) “Visibility matters in the Corporate World” – Make sure you are visible ; At the very least for the work that you do

Mantras of Life for any WORKING WOMAN
(1) Be COGNIZANT of the many roles you PLAY ; Balance is the key
(2) Be REALISTIC – in your expectations of yourself, your workplace and in relationships
(3) There will be 2 critical personal MILESTONES which could affect your career – Be open, accept and deal with changes
•Marriage : “The most important career choice you’ll make is who you marry” BY Sheryl Sandburg, FaceBook COO
•Becoming a Mother – A reality check!
(4) Invest in your HEATH – Regular Exercise and Balanced Diet! Focus on long term than short term. And yes, “Health is Wealth”!
(6) Plan Plan Plan – Makes an ocean of difference
(7) Value your TIME and others TIME – Time is your most valuable asset
(8) “ME Time” on a regular basis to do things you LOVE – Music, TV / Movies, Reading, etc.
(9) Be POSITIVE – In Thought, Word and Deed!

What really makes a DIFFERENCE in the long run?
(1) Desire to work
(2) Openness to deal with change
(3) Clarity on Priorities
(4) Ability to communicate in a clear and precise fashion
(5) Awareness of yourself
(6) Acceptance of yourself
(7) Supportive Spouse (After marriage & motherhood)
(8) Reliable Support System (After motherhood)
(9) Expectation Management


4 comments on “Address to young graduates joining the IT Workforce

  1. It is quite interesting &comprehensive ,focussing on general awareness for woman their basic mental restructuring in to corporate world of IT,as a fresher. I congratulate u for such an insight presentation I’m sure it would have gone very well specially on the occasion of women’s day. Keep doing such an interesting interactive session. God bless u papa

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    • Nikita – Thanks for stopping by my blog, and leaving a comment. Glad that you felt it was a good experience. Do share with your friends as well. Thanks and Have a great day!

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