Nischala’s Blog-o-Review : Blog –

Blog Name: – Awesomeness
Started in : Mar 2010
Run By : A R Karthick (Entrepreneur, Blogger, Photography/Designing/Social Media – Enthusiast. Humorous, Creative & Positive Thinker. Love to be a Friend & Seek/Share Awesome Things!)

What I personally like about the site?
1) Awesome Content – In the blog-o-sphere, content is definitely KING, and Karthick’s blog is a winner all along. While he writes many posts himself, his choice of Guest Posts is also excellent!

2) Wide range of topics – What I like about Karthick’s blog is that he posts about a wide range of topics – from Social Media, to Blogging, to Life, to Entrepreneurship, etc. So anytime of the day, and any kid of mood you’re in, you will find something that you will like

3) Guest Posting on the blog – Personally, I have published guest posts on several sites across the globe. And by far, the most pleasant experience has been with Karthick [ No wonder I posted so many guest posts on his blog 🙂 ]. He is open on the topics to blog about, reasonable about expectations from you, gives great feedback / comments & suggestions and more importantly, he ensures he communicates with you on important aspects of the post (Its not like you are in for a big surprise when you finally see your post! OR You don’t know when your post has gone live!)

4) The Blog Readers – Any blog has 2 important sides – One is the content creator (or those who publish content) and Two is the content consumer (or the blog readers, i.e., You and Me). And Karthick has a fantastic reader base – truly diverse, truly global and truly nice people. People who encourage you based on what you write, people who comment on your blogs, people who connect and engage about a specific topic and people who generously share on Social Media networks

5) He posts regularly – At least once a week, and mostly on Tuesdays between 3 to 4 PM.

6) User experience is good – Easy to navigate, Easy to share on social media, Easy to find content on specific categories, Easy to search for content & Easy to leave a comment

What I wish could be DIFFERENT?

Hmmm… I had to think real hard to come up with anything here.. but as a blog reader, well

(1) More Content I guess – I mean who does not like to read amazing content more often? We all do! So would be great if there are 2 posts every week (Though as a blogger, I know that 1 post a week for 3 – 5 years is itself a great achievement) especially when you have a full-time job as well!. But then, one can never really have enough of good things right?

On that note, here’s wishing A R Karthick many many many more years of successful blogging 🙂


3 comments on “Nischala’s Blog-o-Review : Blog –

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  2. Dear Nischala,

    What a pleasant surprise! Really glad you did this review of my blog with nice insights. Thank you very much.

    I also like to convey my thanks to all my beloved readers around the world and the gifted guest writers (incl: You). Without all of your support, it definitely wouldn’t have made this far.

    About blogging frequency: this is the area I would love to concentrate more. As you’ve predicted, being in business and doing blogging/social media might take it’s toll. But definitely will try my best.


    • Karthick – My pleasure.. I started doing reviews this year – Books. Blogs, Movies, etc. And your’s was the first blog :).. Been reading so many blogs for years, so thought a review of blogs would help me understand what makes a DIFFERENCE. Good luck for your blogging journey, & also Thank You for the *AWESOME* content, and also for the opportunity to guest post.. Have a great day – Nischala

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