4 comments on “Offline Status = Anti Social, Online Status = Super Social???

  1. Interesting analysis Nischala, sounded like a classic 2×2 matrix with an intermediate ground for the 5th option (This could have been visually depicted for better clarity), however in order to make this analysis you are required to observe people both in f2f as well as virtually, which I feel can be a luxury atleast for some connections.

  2. Hi Nischala,
    A very interesting study.
    I have a point.
    Some people do not get enough opportunity to socialize offline.
    This may due to a number of reasons, like living in a remote location or not getting enough time or living in the wrong place where like-minded persons do not live.
    The advent of internet and social networking has changed all that and now wherever you live and whenever you want you can find like-minded people to socialize online in cyberspace.
    It is easier to acquire virtual friends and “virtual friends” are becoming as important as real world friends.
    Also it is easier to socialize online.
    Of course, the profundity of an online relationship may be lesser than an offline relationship.
    When I was in the Navy I had a great offline social life in the real world.
    Now, after retirement, I have a super-social life online but hardly any social life offline.
    But I am certainly not “anti-social” as you put it – I smile at everyone I see or meet.
    Maybe “anti-social” is too strong a word to use – all lonely people and introverts are necessarily not anti-social elements!
    So it looks like, at present, I am selectively social offline and super social online (Hey, I don’t see that category in your post).
    Keep posting such interesting topical and pertinent articles.

    • Hey Vikram – Thanks for stopping by, and leaving a comment. I agree that some people do not get enough opportunity to socialize offline. And for very many reasons, some people don’t get an opportunity to socialize even online!
      Also agreed that online and offline friendships are different, and in today’s world one naturally leads to the other 🙂
      I used the words “Anti-Social” and “Super-Social” to depict 2 ends of the spectrum. What intrigued me the most were the type of people who are “Anti-Social” (in the truest sense of the word) in real world, and Super-Social in the online world.! And I’ve seen so many in this category. Wonder HOW?
      Well! That category which you say you belong too is depicted in the figure :)… Thanks again. Nischala

  3. Hmm got me thinking. I am an anti-social [or extremely selective social] in real life and selectively social online. I don’t easily open to people. Online world offers a platform where you can connect at will. Nobody can force you to meet up or attend some social do.

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