What office perks do employees want?

I published a post about the possibility of an Afternoon Nap being made an office perk a few weeks back. That post triggered a lot of discussion and debate (Both offline and online), and as a result I have had the opportunity to hear what employees dream / want / need as “Office Perks”.

In this blog, I am listing the one’s which I personally found interesting.
(1) An Afternoon Nap on all working days (15 mins)
(2) House Cleaning and Maintenance Services (at least once a month)
(3) Creche / Child Care facilities within the office premiss / close-by
(4) Work from home 1 day a week (Mandatory)
(5) A weekend outing (at least once a quarter) – Movie, Good Food and More!
(6) An annual vacation planned and paid by the company 🙂
(7) A reliable domestic help (especially in India)
(8) A reliable cook (especially for working mothers)
(9) A beauty parlor within the office premises (Both the boys and girls wanted this)
(10) A paid massage (head / body) at least once a month
(11) A spa within the office premises
(12) An mandatory “business hour” every week to pursue a hobby of your interest (sport, painting, art, dance, music, etc.)
(13) Low Calorie Food at the Office Cafeteria
(14) A Dietician within the office premises
(15) A paid health check-up within office premises once a year
(16) A qualified medical practitioner within the office premises
(17) Music playing in the background at work through a speaker system 🙂
(18) Mandatory 30 minutes of walking time every day (Say 30 mins after lunch)
(19) Yoga sessions 3 times a week (within office premises). And continuous yoga sessions in office campus
(20) Discounts with retailers for popular goods (including groceries, clothes, foot-wear, accessories, etc.)
(21) Financial Support in terms of any personal exigency
(22) ZERO Hour every week (1 hour a week) where you don’t have to work 😉
Did you find your dream perk in the list above? If NOT, leave a comment …

NOTE: I know that some organizations (especially in the IT sector) already provide one / many of these to their employees.

If you are a leader / influencer in your organization, the list above is food for thought


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