Nischala’s Blog-o-Review | Blog | Seth’s Blog

Blog Name : Seth’s Blog
Blog Run BY : Seth Godin
Started In: Jan 2002. Click here to view the archives

What I love about the blog?

(1) Seth published a post on his blog almost every single day.. And for that one reason, I truly admire him as a blogger

(2) Posts are short (I personally love short posts) and easy to read & comprehend (I love that he simplifies his articulation so that anyone can understand the message); and are usually filled with wisdom / food for thought – which can keep you pondering for the rest of the day

(3) The user experience on the blog is good – Readability of content and navigation is easy

(4) The general design of the blog, colors, fonts and format is great; and of course Seth’s photo which says “Click on my head” always brings a smile to my face 🙂

As a reader, do I wish something was different on the blog?

Absolutely nothing I could think of..

If you’ve not visited Seth’s blog, you should start following today

And I’ve intentionally kept this post short – Inspired by Seth Godin 🙂


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