Working Mothers – Is there a Magic Mantra?

Being a working mother is no easy task… Every day comes with its share of endless round-the- clock expectations, ups and downs, challenges, surprises, joys and sorrows, good bad and ugly, unanticipated / unexpected events / activities, challenges, exhaustion, moments of self-doubt, wonder, awe, guilt, etc. etc. etc.

Simply because every working mother has to deal with several “mini-projects” as I call it on a daily basis
Project 1 : Kids (A to Z)
Project 2 : Work / Career
Project 3 : Food and Cooking
Project 4 : Husband (Yes! A full time project)
Project 5 : Friends
Project 6 : Home Maintenance
Project 7 : Family
Project 8 : Self
Project 9 : Miscellaneous / Others
Just listing it down exhausted me! Then imagine how exhausting it would be for anyone to manage every single one of them, every single day!

The bottom-line is really this:

  • You are primarily accountable and responsible for all / most of the above (In most cases)
  • You can plan all that you want. But a lot of things are beyond planning – In fact, beyond your control (For e.g.: Kids not well, You fall sick, A last minute deadline at work, An extremely urgent official “life-and-death” call which the spouse has to take!, A natural calamity, etc etc etc.)
  • You can really take it one day at a time in terms of execution! At least till your children are somewhat independent!

And ever since I became a working mother myself, I have often wondered if there was a magic mantra to aid any working mother. Something which

  • Gives you that extra energy
  • Gives you “Me Time”
  • Makes you more productive
  • Makes you “clear-headed”; no matter what situation you are in
  • Keeps you emotionally balanced
  • Gives you those much needed extra-hours
  • Makes you look good / younger despite your age / stress-level

And the good news is this – From personal experience, I’ve found one “MAGIC MANTRA” which can truly make a DIFFERENCE for a working mother; at least in addressing all the points listed above..

And that is regular practice of Yoga and Meditation.

Everyday practice of yoga and meditation for 30 – 40 minutes has enormous benefits from all dimensions – physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

Here’s what I realized as the key benefits of the practice of yoga and meditation:

  • You get that extra energy simply because of the improved blood flow and oxygen circulation in your body
  • You get a few minutes of “Me Time” ; just for yourself and to yourself – Time of calm, peace and quiet
  • You end up being more productive. Personally, I’ve found that my productivity almost doubles on days I practice yoga / meditate ; and hence you can actually “gain time”
  • Your head is a lot clearer; and you can handle high-stress / pressure situations at home and work; and make decisions better. After all, stressful / pressure situations are a routine part of everyday parenting!
  • You are more in control of your own emotions; and this is extremely important for a working mother. Else you can go on an emotional roller-coaster ride every single day!
  • Last but not least, you get a wonderful body tone, agility and glow on your face / skin – which every women / mother truly loves

If you’re interested in learning more on how yoga can make a difference in your life, hop over to my post on 12 Most Promising Outcomes of the regular practice of yoga

In conclusion.. Looking back at my own life – Ever since I became a mother myself, I have a new found respect and admiration for all working mothers.
No matter what you do
No matter where you live
No matter what else you do
If you’re a working mother
Hats off to you

What is the magic mantra that has worked for you? Would love to hear your views… Leave a comment to let me know

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