When corporate ways seep into your personal life

When the “corporate ways” seep into your “personal life” then any of the following can happen:
* You talk about Goals and Objectives in interactions with your friends / spouse / children
* For any question put in front of you by anyone (your domestic help, your spouse, your kid, your friend), you open Dr. Google or Dr.Microsoft (Google, Word, PowerPoint) – without even thinking if you know the answer!
* You emphasize on constant reviews and feedback sessions with everyone in your circle
* For anything that anyone says, you ask Questions – than even listen or give answers
* Even on special days / occasions, when your friends / girlfriend / boyfriend say important things to you, you respond in monosyllables, or “I’ll call back in 6 minutes”, “I’m in a meeting. Can’t talk now”, “This has to wait”.
* You’ve not seen the sunrise or sunset for months
* You forgot how the wind feels on your face, or how real flowers smell, or how good water tastes
* You don’t know the price of any fruit or vegetable or any food item that you consume on a daily basis
* You have a serious expression on your face, even when its a joke / something light being spoken about
* You pick up the phone and say “Tell Me” or “Yes, What do you want?”; And not “Hello”, “Hi.. How are you?”, “Good Morning”
* You tell your children to schedule an appointment in your calendar for an outing, conversation or dinner
* You tell your parents that you’re busy and will call back later, but don’t return the call for days after that
* You default on all your monthly payments (mobile, credit card, rent, etc.) and end up paying an interest / fine. Reason is you are so busy that you don’t have time to make monthly payments
* Your finances and taxes are in a mess, and you don’t have time to clear the mess
* You’ve not really spoken to your family and friends for ages, and have almost forgotten what they look like, feel like, smell like
* Your on your way to obesity, but don’t have the time motivation or interest to do anything about it
* You don’t remember the last time you really laughed
* You don’t know what you ate in the last meal
* You don’t know its your own birthday
* You don’t remember the last meal you had with friends and family
* You don’t know what you spouse / children / parents are thinking, doing, planning or considering
* You don’t know when its the birthday / anniversary of loved one’s
* You miss an important personal appointment / commitment, and don’t know that you’ve missed it
* You’re children sometimes call you “Uncle / Aunty” or even “Who are you?”
* You don’t get invitations for any social events / gatherings (Because you don’t pick their calls / respond to mails). Before you know people are married, had kids, and moved on! With / Without you!
* You’re children ask you not to get in their way

Have you seen or experienced the corporate ways seep into your personal life? Well, as long as you are aware about it and OK with it, its fine! If you’re NOT OK with it, then may be its time for a little introspection and a few changes…


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