Blogging can change your LIFE! – Give it a CHANCE today…

2008 was the year I entered the blog-o-sphere; primarily as an avid blog reader. In 2009, I created my first blogs in which I used to write occasionally – Of course, my blogs were private. In 2010, I shared my blogs with my inner network of friends and family; and received very encouraging feedback. After this initial response, my blogs went public in 2010 and so started my blogging journey.

Its 2013 now – Almost 3 years since I embarked on my blogging journey as a blogger. During this journey, I have published 1000+ posts on my own blogs (public, restricted and private), and have published several guest posts in site of global repute on a diverse set of topics.

So, really what is blogging to me? My blogs are the canvas for my words. Words which stem from dreams, thoughts, observations, analysis, learning’s, conversations, view-points, outlook, views, emotions, perspectives, achievements, mistakes, failures, lessons learnt, comprehensions, experiences and conclusions.

As of date, I run two popular blogs:

(1)   VERVE : The Quintessence of my Life – Which is my personal blog and covers a broad range of topics around Life, Creativity, Parenting, Relationships, Human Experiences, Emotions, etc.

(2)   Nischala’s Space, Thoughts and Expressions – Which is my professional blog in which I about topics of professional interest which revolves around Social Media, Marketing, Leadership, Innovation and Strategy.

In addition to the above, I also publish guest posts in several reputed sites of global repute.

Blogging can transform your life in more than one way. Once you start actively blogging, you will see many aspects of your life can change drastically. Physically, you become more aware and observant of the world around you – Simply because you need things to write about on your blogs, and most bloggers typically draw in from real-life experiences. Emotionally, you will feel more balanced and happy; because you get an opportunity to express your emotions through your blogs. Intellectually, you need to think to write a blog – So it provides good exercise to the “gray matter” in your brain. Socially, it can help you build new networks and connections with like-minded people, and also interesting people – Whom you would otherwise never have known. In some cases, it can also elevate your social standing in select circles. If you are good in blogging and consciously work on blog monetization, it can add to your personal finances. And of course spiritually also, blogging can help you re-connect with yourself!

So it really has the potential to touch impact and influence every facet of your life.

Personally, there have been several positives. If I had to list the top benefits and life skills which are enhanced along my blogging journey, they are:

  • Blogging enables you to be a lifelong learner
  • Blogging enhances your self-discipline
  • Blogging enables you to prioritize better
  • Blogging helps you truly understand a subject; The best way to understand any subject is to teach someone about it or to write about it
  • Blogging enables you to hone and refine your written communication skills
  • Blogging enhances your “thinking skills”
  • Blogging helps you accept and deal with compliments and criticism in a better way; It makes you open to feedback
  • Blogging compels you to improve your personal time management skills
  • Blogging makes you dream; and dreams are vital to the journey of life
  • Blogging give you a new-found respect for every other writer / blogger; and a new-found respect for your blog readers

In conclusion, I’d like to say that Reading and Writing can be your two best friends in life. And the blog-o-sphere can enable you to do both – So why would you not extend your hands in friendship to blogging?

At the end of the day, a blog is really a creative piece of art. And a blogger (is like an artist) who need to be true to his / her blog-art.

Blogging can change your LIFE! – Give it a chance today….

Happy Blogging and Have a Great Day!

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4 comments on “Blogging can change your LIFE! – Give it a CHANCE today…

  1. Awesome post, surely encouraging to all the newbie bloggers out there who are wondering whether they should continue to regularly blog or not.

    Could you please redirect me to sites which regularly conduct blogathons, concept based blogging months, etc so that I can contribute there?

  2. Dear Nischala
    Well I am inspired after reading your blogging experience. Actually I write diary, but not regular in that. Expressing one’s thoughts and sharing it with others is great thing. So I am also going to experience that happiness 🙂 !!

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