So what is this Work-Life BALANCE?

Every day I come across at least a couple of articles on “Work Life Balance”. But I am yet to find a definition which I found apt!

So what exactly is “Work-Life” Balance ? I ask myself

It is one in which one is able to “Maintain long term equilibrium between personal aspirations, a professional career and family commitments”
– In terms of “professional career” : In the long run, your work and contributions are in line with your background, experience and qualifications; you achieve notable progress in an acceptable time period and most importantly – you earn income which is commensurate with your work contributions
– In terms of “family commitments”: You are able set, define, refine and re-define the expectations of the many roles you plays in the context of “family”(For a working mother – the roles include that of a mother / wife / daughter / sister / daughter-in-law / sister-in-law, etc.), and live in peace with this.
– In terms of “personal aspirations” : You are able to find some time on a regular basis for yourself, doing things that you truly enjoy or fulfilling your own personal secret wishes

Ever since I started my journey as a mother, I have been on the quest for this “elusive” work life balance. In the past 4 years, here’s what I realized about “Work-Life Balance”
1) There is no universal definition of “work-life balance” – To each his / her own. And rightly so!
2) “Work life balance” is elusive; and will possible elude you till eternity!
3) As a working professional, it is almost impossible to maintain “work-life balance” for an extended period of time. There will be phases of imbalance (more than you’d like) – In some phases, work takes Number 1 priority, and in other phases your personal life takes Number 1 priority.

As a working professional, you will most likely have to make tough decisions, trade-offs and choices. Each of these will come at a price – The price can be in terms of having to let-go of personal aspirations for several years of your life OR putting a brake on your career / taking a career break OR letting-go of something’s as far as your children’s upbringing / family expectations are concerned.

That’s my view.. What’s yours? Leave a comment to let me know..

By Nischala Murthy Kaushik Posted in Life

3 comments on “So what is this Work-Life BALANCE?

  1. It is true that one has to balance between work and life. Both usually don’t go together.
    A perfect equilibrium of both can be achieved only if there is enough financial security and right family atmosphere, backed by strong will power to do so.
    In these days of high job insecurity and poor family ties, one needs to gauge his/her position and strike a balance somewhere to be happy.

    Kiran Kumar Kumili

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  2. Sometimes work takes over life and sometimes life takes over work…it is upto the individual’s priority, experience and expectation setting (both at work ,outside work and most importantly to self) that strikes the balance. But i am not sure if the balance will ever be in equilibrium

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