10 ways Twitter made a difference in 2013

Looking back at my Twitter journey, I can say that in 2013 I have been more active on Twitter than ever before. While I did not start the year with any grand plans on objectives of what I wanted to accomplish, I definitely wanted to be more active..

Along the way, Twitter has helped me in several ways. In this blog, I am listing the 10 ways in which Twitter made a DIFFERENCE
(1) Connected me with some amazing individuals – Yes! I’ve connected with some fantastic individuals on Twitter – People who I would never have been able to connect with. People who are “great thinkers”, people from whom I learn so much and people who inspire me with their words. And to all of them, a BIG THANK YOU!

(2) Enabled me to learn continuously – If there is one social media platform through which I have learned about topics / areas that were of interest to me, it was through Twitter. To my advantage, I was very specific about my learning objectives and goals, and hence was very particular about whom I follow – In most cases, the very BEST in their respective niches. And if you follow the masters, you can be sure to learn – provided you are a diligent student 🙂

(3) Improved written communication skills (specially brevity) – Improvement in written communication is a priority for any one who writes. And personally, brevity has not been a strength for long. However, ever since I became active on Twitter – I was challenging myself (repeatedly) to come to the core of what I wanted to communicate. A year of practice later – I can definitely say that I am much better today. The real-life testimonial is that most meeting I usually chair mostly end before time :). As someone at work said, “You are so clear and concise, always conveying only the relevant information! – That’s definitely a feather in my cap 🙂

(4) Research – One of the most important activities as a part of my work involves research. And Twitter is a great repository to get real-time access to quality information on any topic. The two ways I get information are through Hashtag search, and by following the Gurus in a specific area of interest. Research time has reduced significantly ever since I started to use Twitter.

(5) Brought a smile to my face – On many a gloomy day, if there was one thing which brought a smile to my face it was Twitter. A joke or a witty comment or a compliment or a surprise DM from a kind soul – All brought a smile to my face. And it made a difference!

(6) Provided generous doses of inspiration – Quotes always inspire me. And starting off my day by reading an inspirational quote from the wise and learned and experienced has set the right tone and mood for my days. I look forward to getting my dose of quotes from Twitter. In addition, reading motivational and inspirational writings through shared links on Twitter was an added bonus!

(7) Platform to share my writings – One of the most important benefits for me as a blogger was that Twitter was a great platform to share my writings. It gave me real-time reach to a global audience : people who would probably never have read my content otherwise!

(8) Log for the incessant chatter of the mind – In hindsight, one of the most important benefits of using Twitter is that it was a log for the incessant chatter of my mind. A lot of ideas, thoughts and realizations keep buzzing around continuously. Once I started logging it on Twitter, my mind was a lot clearer. Decision making improved. Concentration improved. My productivity improved. My sleep improved 🙂 – That’s a lot of good things !

(9) Topics / Ideas to Blog About – One of the challenges for most bloggers is to find the next thing to write about. Even here, Twitter has come to the rescue. Sometimes it is through my own back-dated tweets, and sometimes it is via others tweets.

(10) Friend when no one was there – There were times when I had nothing really to do (Albeit few, but they did exist). At those times, Twitter was a good friend. Just logging in to Twitter, and spending some time with no specific agenda objective or expectations – was surprisingly very comforting!

Did Twitter make a difference for you in 2013? Leave a comment to let me know HOW?


4 comments on “10 ways Twitter made a difference in 2013

  1. Honestly, I am not very well acquainted with the twitter thing except that I use it as a platform to share my posts and the posts that I like. Hopefully I’ll get the hang of it slowly and might make good use of it in 2014. Learning, as they say, is a continuous process.

  2. I still am not an avid twitter follower however used it enough to wholeheartedly agree with your points.. sometimes Twitter tends to dampen issues as well though..

  3. Hi Nishchala

    I am not a big twitter fan . With its word limitation it becomes extremely difficult to translate your thoughts properly . Guessed its designed for those celebs who don’t have any time but love to give away their whereabouts for their fans .:D

    My blog website http://www.sweetsharing.com has completed 3 months . I want you to be a part of this celebration . Hence I have nominated you for Sweet sharing’s Wordsmith award. I hope you will acknowledge it & be a part of my blog forever 🙂


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