The Forbes India 30 Under 30 List: 20% Women. Good, Great or What?

So the first ever Forbes India 30 Under 30 list is out. It is there everywhere I go. On Facebook, Twitter, on the magazine and in the news. If you’ve not read it, click here.

When I first saw the title, I was super-excited to read the list. One, I love lists. Two, this was by Forbes. Three, it was about young achievers in India. So reading this list was bound to be a treasure and a pleasure.

As I went on to read the list, I was truly impressed by what these achievers have done. As the post says, ”Showcasing an enterprising new generation that dreams big and refuses to say die“. As I read further, these words from the article caught my attention “This isn’t just a celebration of capitalism and profit; it is also in recognition of social value. Do-gooders, geeks, greens, musicians, sportspersons, creative-types and biz kids: The net was thrown wide to catch the best and the brightest.“ 

As I scrolled through the list, the sheer diversity impressed me! In terms of age (from 18 years to 29 years), in terms of the categories and in terms of their achievements itself. After I read the post, I also spent significant time in reading more about each of them and their achievements, and I was bowled over. Where did my 20s go? – I wondered!

Well endowed talent, passion, confidence, the genius of their ideas, focus, discipline, the will to succeed, the spirit to go the full mile in spite / despite everything and most importantly their supporting ecosystem (in terms of parents, friends, family, institutes, organizations, technology and capital) have all played a role in their names featuring on this list. For that, my deepest respect, a big bow and a Tiara crown to all of them. I don’t know any of them personally, but I was proud to see such a list recognizing young talent in India.

As I mulled over the list, one thought continued to linger on. Why were there so few women? Among the list of 30, only 6 women featured. 80% were boys and 20% were girls.

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One comment on “The Forbes India 30 Under 30 List: 20% Women. Good, Great or What?

  1. we women in general always underestimate our capabilities. Society at large has always biased towards men’s achievement over women. From my own life experiences and many others that I’ve experienced first hand.. I see women take a back seat when it comes to taking risks and doing what they want. But at the same time, I have seen some women who choose the route of their liking and have been successful. You are right.. there are so many factors that contribute for an overall development of an individual.

    Given the facts, it is impressive that more women are now getting into workforce and proving them to be level headed with men .. it’s mostly in cities. When it comes to village.. the prime agenda for a girl – know how to do house hold chores – get married – have kids – serve family and husband.. which is 70-75% in India.. and is also the case with educated women. I personally know some women who were well educated and yet settle for less.

    To conclude.. it’s a process and it’s a long way to the least in India. may be bringing more awareness about what a women can do at an very early stage in life and not limit their responsibilities just based on gender might be an eye opener.

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