Sheroes Must-Do’s : Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly

I first heard of the word Sheroe from Sairee Chahal, Founder and CEO of (A careers community of women achievers).  She defined a Sheroe is “Any woman who makes a choice, and makes the choice work for her“. Short, Simple, Sweet, Profound and very relevant for the woman of today – especially if you are a women at work – be it corporate (Corporate Sheroe as I call it) or entrepreneur (entrepreneur Sheroe as I call it) or Mompreneur (Mompreneur Sheroe as I call it). The word caught my fancy when I first heard it, something about it appealed to me – I can’t really pin-point what!

As I saw many Sheroes in many facets of life, I observed that many of them tend to put themselves last. Somewhere in the madness of doing this that and the other, the focus on “self” takes a back-seat. And what I’ve realized that in the long run – IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to invest in yourself.

So in this post, I’m listing out some Must Do’s for all the sheroes at regular frequencies.. – Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly!

What is on your Must Do list? Leave a comment to let me know

Must Dos


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