The 14 cherished lessons from 14 years of corporate work experience

In 2014, I completed 14 years of professional work experience. Looking back, I can say that I’ve come a long way from where I started. 14 years is indeed a long time in life..!

Sometimes I wonder about how far I’ve come

Sometimes I ponder about what I really achieved

Many times I wonder and ponder on where that time really went!

In all these years, the good thing is that the penchant for ‘new and diverse experiences’ has fueled my career taking me across the world through unique, exciting and enriching destinations, cultures, places, people, work assignments, challenges, failures and successes which have all played their role in what I am today. I have been fortunate to experience in my career (up close and personal) the great, good, bad & ugly (law of averages at play!); and I survived. All these experiences have given me a holistic understanding of business, work and life. Apart from paying the bills, these experiences give me enough thoughts, ideas and material to write regularly! For now, it all comes together in my numerous writings / blogs, which are widely read and immensely popular across the globe.  I really can’t say where it will take me, but am open to explore new possibilities, opportunities, paradigms that life throws at me..

During many a pensive moment, I wonder what I learned during all these 14 years. As I go down memory lane, I can say that each year was defining in some way – and there was at least 1 “cherished” lesson that it left me with!

In this post, I am sharing that one key lesson that I learned along the way every year. “Do you really need 14 years of corporate world to learn these lessons?” you might ask.

Obviously NO. And that’s why I’m sharing them in a post on blog. Hopefully, you understand and appreciate each of them much faster than I did!

You can learn them in a moment, with one experience, .. or never understand the gravity and entirety even for a lifetime.


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4 comments on “The 14 cherished lessons from 14 years of corporate work experience

  1. well said Nischala…cant agree more…you narrowed and nailed it absolutely well..we dont realise everyday how much we have learned, changed and grown, unless we sit back and reflect wisely….keep writing…

  2. Congratulations Ma’am for this amazing career journey. Where to find a mentor if you know there are no one around you, who can guide you properly? Please suggest.

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