Bored of blogging? Tips and Tricks to recover revive and renew your blogging MOJO

Blogging Mojo I finished 5 years of blogging in March 2015. It’s been an evolving, enjoyable and enriching experience. While there have been many highs (ranging from media coverage, to awards, to heart-warming comments and appreciation on how my words transformed a reader’s life), I’d also have to confess that there have been times when I have been bored of blogging. Sometimes because it gets monotonous, sometimes because writing is lonely, sometimes because I don’t get the feedback / responses that I expect, and sometimes because I just hit a ‘blogging plateau’ or ‘the writer’s block‘ – and wonder what I should do next? During all these moments, I have attempted and strived to do something novel, unique or different on my blog. Experimenting and trying something new is fun and interesting, so I push myself to learn and experiment (May be a new tool, a new format, a different way of doing something, etc.). If you’ve ever been through such phases and are looking for tips and tricks to recover, revive and renew your blogging MOJO, then read on.

Create content using a new content format –What has worked best for me is below:

  1. Interview people you admire / who inspire. Click here to check-out Nischala’s Blog-o-Rendezvous in which I interviewed several global achievers. Interviews are always a phenomenal learning experience, and help create relationships with others.
  2. Do a series on particular topic. Click here to view the series I’ve done on the blog. It can be anything which is of interest to you.
  3. Create content in an alternate format – like infographics , videos or podcasts. I know I enjoyed the process of learning to create visual content. Though I’m yet to master it, I am certainly better than I was at start of 2015
  4. Curate content. Click here to view some of my round-up posts. You can do it for your own content, or other blogger’s content. It is always interesting and insightful to read diverse perspectives on the same issue / subject.
  5. Request a thought leader / friend / expert to write a guest post. One of my dearest friend wrote a wonderful post on “My education is a result of my experiences“. It has been very well received.

Create / Compile / Contribute to a book / e-book (free / paid) – I have contributed to 2 e-books : one for a social cause and one with fellow bloggers. The experience makes you appreciate the nuances of the blogging world and book world. Trust me, there are a zillion differences though at the core of it – both are about writing and expression  

Don’t blog for sometime, Just promote contentBlog promotion is an integral part of the blogging journey, and makes all the difference to your blogging success. So create a multi-channel social promotion plan (using channels like FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) for content (again can be your content or someone else’s content), and share it regularly across all channels. The more you share, the more you understand about promotion and social behaviors. Also, chances are it gets read more and that can initiate some conversations, interactions and idea exchange

Participate / Speak at an event (online / offline)Attend events and connect and converse with people across the globe on any topic of your interest. Share your views and make your presence felt. It can be a virtual event (like a Tweetchat or Google Hangout) or a real event (like an industry / community event). Events are great to network, listen to diverse perspectives and also get a break from the every monotony.

Guest blog – Whenever I am bored of posting on my own blog, I write a guest post. No wonder the list of guest posts I have to my credit is so long! The good thing about guest posts is that it helps you create and nurture relationships with other bloggers and publishers, so your reach / response is different  

Blog about something you’ve never blogged about before – Again, try a new format like poetry or humor. Or write a story. Or do a blog prompt. Or blog for a cause. Or host a blog hop. Or create a survey. Whatever you do, attempt to get out of your comfort zone, and try to write in a different way. For me, an attempt at poetry always helps.  

Read / Comment on other blogs – Reading / commenting on others blogs gives several ideas on topics to blog about, articulation style or just a new perspective to a subject / life. It only helps!  

Go on a self-imposed blog exhile – Yes, go a self-imposed blog exile as I do many times to recover, renew and revive your blogging MOJO!

What are your secrets to keep at blogging? Leave a comment to let me know


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