Round-up of my best posts on Working Mothers.

Happy Mothers Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day! So, Happy Mother’s Day in advance… According to Wikipedia, Mother’s Day is a modern celebration honoring one’s own mother, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world – most commonly in the months of March and May!

Social media is abuzz on whether mother’s need a special day to celebrate motherhood. Of course, NO! Once you are a mother, you will always be a mother – And no one can take that from you! But YES! If there is a day to celebrate a little extra and you can afford it, then why not?

The word “Working Mom” is somewhat obvious, and always compels me think. I mean, every mother I know works.. works hard…works every single day of her life…It is just “How she defines her work? Where all she works (at home or even beyond)? And how much her work is valued?” which makes all the difference!

Ever since I’ve become a mother myself, my respect and admiration for all mothers (including my own) has increased manifold. And if she is able to pursue a career beyond her domestic responsibilities – then that is truly commendable. Because from experience I know that it is no easy task! Whatever you do, where ever are you are in the world – if you are a  ‘working mom(or careerist mom)‘ , then my deepest respect, admiration, appreciation and applause is with you!

If you’ve read my blogs, you will know that several of my posts are around what it takes to make it work as a ‘working mom(or careerist mom)‘. So on the occasion of Mother’s Day, I’m sharing a round-up of my best posts.. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as a I enjoyed writing them! And just so you know, my journey as a writer / blogger began at the same time as my journey as a mother – So both are somewhat co-related and dear to me!

After Maternity Leave | Getting back to work

Dilemmas of Working Mothers

Why is it so hard for working mothers in India?

300+ years of women at work | What were the key enablers?

The Questions which impact and influence her work life

The Working Mother’s Career Continuum : Focus | Flex | Flow

Getting back to work after a career break – What is required?

Working Mothers – Is there a Magic Mantra?

Productivity Lessons from Ants

Are you clear about your priorities?

Think about your ROTI (Return on Time Invested)


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