Marketing CHEAT-SHEET | Blue-print from OBJECTIVES to PLAN

New age marketers almost always are under pressure to meet the ever increasing demands of businesses, constantly changing expectations of end-customers, ever evolving innovation and technology; and working in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) work environment. Needless to say, the role of marketing is becoming challenging, complex, exciting and continuously evolving.

While operating in such environments, it is very easy for marketers to lose focus and sight on what is really important. It has happened to me too – Not once, not twice – But very many times. Fortunately for me, I have in place early-warning systems to alert me, and am back on track well in time.

From my experiences, one of the things which I’ve found to be very useful is to define an overall framework to translate marketing objectives into a working plan. But that translation comes with time, with experience, with “know-how” of marketing. And I wish I had such a cheat-sheet with me before. So I thought why not create one as a reference for myself, and also for fellow marketers?

As an individual, I like to simplify things for myself – in my head, in paper and in action. So I asked myself to identify the key marketing objectives, and the below stood out
1) Branding
2) Lead Generation
3) Advocacy
[NOTE: I know we can add many more things to the above list – like customer experience management, ]

Based on above, I’ve created an infographic to provide a cheat-sheet to translate objectives to a marketing plan.

Nischala Marketing Cheatsheet



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