Perfection v/s Progress – You Choose!?

Progress v_sPerfection(1)

Your blog posts are never perfect” she said

“What do you mean?” I asked

“I almost always find some mistakes in them – spelling, grammar, sentence construction, etc.. They can be better.” She said

“Hmm.. OK. Noted. So what do you want me to do?” I asked

“Don’t publish till it is perfect, or if you don’t have time – Ask someone else to make it perfect” she said

Why is perfection important?” I asked

Because that is the ultimate goal” she said

The above is a conversation I had recently with a very good friend of mine, someone who is my best critic (for writing and life), a trusted adviser and diligent blog reader.

It got me thinking, and of course going back to read my blogs. They read fine to me. But yes! Like with anything in life, there was scope for improvement. BUT.. That incremental improvement comes at a cost – which is my time. And time is precious for me as a working mother. And I’m sure it is for you too, in whatever you do!

So whenever I publish a blog post, the effort is mostly “time-boxed”. For e.g: If I decide to write a post in 30 minutes, that’s carved in stone. When the time is up, I review it and publish it. I don’t even attempt to make it perfect. Yes! I made that choice to let go of perfection for every blog post. And that choice has come at a price – which is feedback like the above, or may be even losing some readers along the way. The best part is that it has enabled my growth and progress as a blogger, writer and social media influencer. It has also helped me be regular in posting because had I strived for perfection, I might simply not have been able to post so consistently.

So, here’s the thing about Perfection – It takes time. It takes a lot of energy. It can drain you. And the other thing about perfection is that it is almost always relative. It is in the eyes of the beholder. It is almost always time-bound. Nothing is truly perfect forever. At least, in my view.

I know this because sometime in the distinct past – I used to be a perfectionist. Not in everything, but things which were important to me. Over time, I recognized that it was not realistically sustainable. May be it was not a virtue meant for me. Whatever! I let-go of it, and have made peace with that choice.

And just as I was writing this post, I came across this video from Apple CEO, Mr Tim Cooks in which he mentions that perfection is core to what Apple creates. So if perfection was not the ethos of Apple, we’d probably not experience the best of what Apple had to offer. And I also know from sure that Apple as a company has made progress over the years – in terms of growth, innovation, market share. So progress and perfection can co-exist!

So, I’ll end with the fact that we probably need both progress and perfection – in people, in life, in businesses and in the world. Just that whether they can co-exist in your context is something that is an individual choice and preference.

Here and now, I still choose progress over perfection.That is the only way it will work for me in this phase of life.

What about you? Leave a comment to let me know

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