Say Hello to “The Ideapreneur”

The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.” – Linus Pauling

Almost every day I have several ideas abuzz in my mind. Some solve my problems, and some add to my problems. Sounds familiar?

Objectively assessed, I do know that there is merit in many of these ideas. At least if I apply some focused thought and refine it to the next stage. But there in lies the problem! I don’t get the required time, fuel and fodder to convert all ideas from a nebulous mass to something tangible. Some ideas I don’t even acknowledge. Some I don’t pen down. Some I note down. In the process, many of these ideas fade into the background. Many die. And some live to see the sun, moon and stars!

Many times I wonder “What if I could take the idea to the next level?“, “What if my  idea changed the world, but I am not acting on it?“, “How wonderful it would be if someone paid me just to share ideas (Wishful thinking – I know!)”

From personal experiences, I do believe that IDEAS are the new age currency. An idea can solve your problem. An idea can answer your (their) questions. An idea can be the stepping stone to fulfill your dreams. An idea can make you a millionaire. An idea can change the world. An idea can make a positive difference. An idea can be the way to leave a legacy, or be immortal!

As I was looking for what is the term to describe a person who comes up with more ideas than he / she can digest – I came across the word “Ideapreneur“. Dr. Google threw the definition as “An ideapreneur is a person that is continuously initiating innovative ideas which are centered around the core goal of solving problems and acting upon them.

I think I am an ideapreneur. I think we all are ideapreneurs – in some way or the other. Do you agree? Leave a comment to let me know..

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