What ‘maketh’ a great salesperson?

A true salesperson is one who can sell anything.. anytime.. and to anyone. I speak from experience here. They can sell products, services, platforms, technology, ideas, hypothesis, theory, hopes, dreams, a better tomorrow, a brighter future, success, love, an exciting career, relationships.. You think it, you name it.. A salesperson would have sold it a zillion times before…

What maketh a salesperson?” I wonder many times. What are some of the unique behaviors which make some individuals able to sell so successfully?

1) They are great storytellers

Almost all successful salespeople are great storytellers. They can spin a yarn which makes a personal connection with you, and of course in line with what they want to sell. And even before you’ve realized it, you’ve fallen for the story

2) They make an attempt to know YOU

Almost every good salesperson I know makes a genuine attempt to understand whom they are talking to, what is their DNA, what motivates them, what makes them tick. They articulate what they have to sell in your language

 3) They genuinely “listen” to you 

They listen first, speak second. When they start speaking, you rarely can interrupt.

 4) They are always well-groomed

Again, almost all salespeople are almost always well groomed, and have a unique personal style statement. Simply put, their physical appearance is almost always impeccable

 5) They are number-driven

Their world resolves around numbers – sales numbers. Everything they think, do and say have numbers at the start, middle and at the end. Numbers drive them – It is core to their DNA.

 6) They can connect disconnected things

Another very interesting aspect of all good salespeople is their ability to connect disconnected things at real-time: both in their thoughts and in their words. That is a truly unique characteristic because it makes conversations and engagement with them interesting and fascinating. Almost all the good sales people I know can link history, arts, culture, economics, business, finance, politics with the weather! Some story they always have under their sleeve

 7) They understand human behaviors and emotions

Another very important characteristic of good sales people is that they can read and understand human behaviors and emotions – both what is said and what is unsaid. That is an art, and something which is truly unique. Because of this, many of them are highly perceptive of the environment, situation and people around them – which makes a huge difference in what they say / do – and what they don’t say / do

 8) They have de-constructed the process of selling

Last but not least, they have de-constructed the process of selling in their own context. They know what needs to happen – before, during and after the process of selling; and what exactly they need to do at every step of the way to increase the probability of a sale.

These are my views.. What do you think? Leave a comment to let me know


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