Looking for a Social Media Monitoring tool? First, read this post…

As a digital / social media / new age marketer and blogger, I am also looking for ways to track and monitor social media buzz. Over the years, I’ve realized that it is important to track and monitor social media across 2 parameters

1) Social Media Buzz for your brand – , i.e., What is being said / not being said about your brand

2) Social Media Buzz for your competitors brands – , i.e., What is being said / not being said about your competitor’s brand

Social Media Monitoring is critical because it can provide important insights to what the end consumer / users likes / dislikes, values and . This is an invaluable input for any business in defining / refining your strategy / service / solution portfolio.

A while back I was involved in an exercise to evaluate different social media monitoring tools and was impressed by the number of solutions available in the marketplace. I came across several articles which helped me in my analysis. In this post, I am sharing a round-up of some of the most useful articles. If you are planning to invest in tools for social media monitoring / listening, this post should help!

6 Social Media Monitoring Tools to Track Your Brand

Top 8 Social Listening Tools that do way more than listen

5 Social Media Listening Tools that every business should be using

Social Media Monitoring Tools

10 Sentiment Analysis Tools to track Social Marketing Success

Best Social Media Monitoring Software

Top 10 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools


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