2015 | The Year that was – Social Media Accolades, Writing, Events and more..

So 2015 has almost come to an end.. As I look back at this year gone by in terms of my journey as a writer / blogger, I think I have come a long way. This year has been one of many firsts for me, many dreams come true, and many new opportunities coming my way – Thanks to my writing and social media connections..

The most significant for me (in random order) were:

  1. Being featured in a full page newspaper article in Deccan Chronicle
  2. Making a debut on Huffingtonpost (which has been with me for about 2 years now!) and EconomicTimes
  3. My blog featured among the Best Marketing Blogs of India
  4. Publishing a total of 250+ posts across my own blogs and guest blogs which have garnered a total of views of 2.1+ lakhs; Of special mention is being able to post 100+ blogs on LinkedIn
  5. A highly interactive, energitic and applauded session to 110+ digital marketers on “The Art and Craft of Content” based solely on my journey as a ‘content crafter’
  6. Veteran journalist and respected writer Madhavan Narayan (who is a write par excellence) telling me that “I am really bright” in our first real-world rendezvous. Sometimes compliments from unexpected sources stay with you forever..
  7. Being a speaker at several online / offline events on topics dear to my heart
  8. Being involved with the Indian startup community
  9. LinkedIn Editor (India) writing to me telling ” I have been enjoying your posts” and then featuring a lot of my writings on Pulse.. And of course, all the appreciation, comments and reader feedback for all of my blogs / writings
  10. 54+K views for my writings on FinExtra (the leading resource for the global fintech community) – I never expected this

As I looked through my writing, a curated timeline of some of the best / most popular / personal favorite posts and highlights in terms of events and collaborations was absolutely due. So here goes…


Debut on Huffingtonpost | “From a Daughter to a working mother | Let us make it happen

1st ever Newspaper interview on Deccan Chronicle


Huffingtonpost | 9 Ways to Define your personal legacy

MARCH 2015

Debut on EconomicTimes | “The Women At Work Manifesto | Investments women should make at the start of their careers

Huffingtonpost | “50 Things I wish all women knew (and understood) at the start of their career

Huffingtonpost | “The 3 Toughest Lessons to teach your kids

Huffingtonpost | “12 Choices that can change the course of your life

APRIL 2015

Featured in | SEOlympics: Top Marketing Blogs of India

PaulWriter | “Why (and When) Marketing succeeds or Not? – 5 Key Points

MAY 2015

Huffingtonpost | “9 Life Lessons our kids need to learn

Huffingtonpost |”4 Tough problems that every working mother battles

Huffingtonpost | “12 reasons why people have extramarital affairs

JUNE 2015

Debut on Newscred | Content Marketing 101 – What I’ve learned creating more than 3000 pieces of content

Huffingtonpost | Open Letter for the case and cause of India’s retired workforce

Huffingtonpost | 9 Ways that reading will change your life

PaulWriter | Essential Skills for the new age marketer

JULY 2015

Debut on Marketo | 7 Lessons to help you produce content that converts (also live on PaulWriter)

Debut on Inc42 | 7 FAQ’s from Entrepreneurs on Digital Marketing; Answered

Huffingtonpost | The Great Indian ‘Tuition Raj’

Debut on Finextra | A mollet (mobile wallet) for the masses – 9 pieces that complete the puzzle

Inc42 Collaboration


Economic Times | Mobile Payments Game – Is the winning move about habit formation?

Huffingtonpost | 15+ reasons why women should work?

Finextra | Mobile Payments – Technology in quest of an experience to create?

Invited Speaker at Event | Making your network your networth

TLabs Collaboration

Submission for SXSW 2016 Interactive Panel Picker on the topic “Did You Say “Content”? That’s Passé. It’s Cont-Art” [Theme: Content and Distribution, Format: Solo]


Huffingtonpost | The A to Z of a fulfilled life

Debut on BizDivas India | The Power of Networking and why you should do more of it?

Featured on Women Inspiring Wednesdays | Wiser after the 4M’s (MBA, Marriage, Motherhood and Medical Issues)

FinExtra | CMO required for a fintech startup? No! No! No!

FinExtra |  Why understanding human behaviors is key for payments innovation?

FinExtra |  Why getting the basics right is absolutely essential for fintech startups?


Huffingtonpost | How Mobile Payments can transform customer experiences?

FinExtra | Who should be the CEO of a fintech startup? The Finance expert, the Technology expert or not an expert?

FinExtra | The 3 T’s of Today’s Consumer Payments – Trust, Technology and Timing

FinExtra | Thinking of a new mobile payments solution? The 5 points that will be key to long term success

FinExtra | Mobile Commerce, Mobile Payments, Mobile Wallets – Where do the boundaries lie?


Huffingtonpost | 5 Situations when the word Sorry means nothing

Invited Guest for the live TweetChat on #MyDigitalStory by SheThePeopleTV

PaulWriter | Mobile Commerce, Mobile Payments, Mobile Wallets – Where do the boundaries lie?

FinExtra | Trending in India | Running a WhatsApp Business

FinExtra | Mobile Payments – Speed and convenience at the cost of human relationships?

FinExtra | The 3 C’s which catalyze mCommerce – Content, Community and Campaigns

FinExtra | Competitor Intelligence for fintech startups – Necessary evil?


Featured among 101 Inspiring Women a.k.a Rockstars

Huffingtonpost | 10 More Life Lessons our kids need to learn

WomensWeb | 15 Life Lessons that 2015 taught me

FinExtra | When will mobile payments reach the tipping point?

FinExtra | B for Blockchain and C for Content – Do these worlds meet?


What did you like best about my 2015 writings? What would you like me to write about in 2016? Leave a comment to let me know…


Columnist / Byline In : Economic Times | Huffingtonpost |  Wipro NewsCred Marketo | Finextra | Inc42 |  Business2Community |ProBlogger  | Famous Bloggers | TheNextWomen|Nasscom |  SheTheTVPeople | PaulWriter |  WomensWeb |  Sheroes PeopleMatters | YoWoTo | 12Most.com  | ParentousThe Change Blog | Women Inspiring Wednesdays
Blog : Nischala’s Space, Thoughts, Expressions [Featured in Top Marketing Blogs in IndiaDirectory of Top Indian Blogs and Most Widely read Indian Bloggers, Directory of Best Indian BlogsAlltop]
Twitter : @nimu9 [Featured among Must Follow Indian Women on Twitter (2014) ,50 Indian Women to follow on Twitter (2012)]

Interviews and Media Mentions
2015 101 Inspiring Women aka Rockstars
Newspaper Interview | Twittering Heights (Deccan Chronicle, 2015)
Quoted in “Open Letter to Women looking for job
Quoted in “The Best Advice you’ll receive as young women starting your careers
Interview | My blogging journey – How it came to be?
Interview | A wise Blogger
Interview | Secrets to Successful Blogging
Quoted in “Are entrepreneurs born or made?”


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