Keen to attend a Marketing Event in India? Here is a list for you!

I was in conversation with an old friend of mine who is a globe-trotter, and attends zillion business events every year. During one conversation,

Me: “Why do you travel all over the world to attend so many events..?

She: “Three reasons.. Networking Networking Networking

I think that pretty much sums up why anyone should attend an event. Be it a real-world / virtual event – my Top 3 reasons for why anyone should attend events are
1) Business / Professional Networking
2) Learning – Hear from the best-brains / most experienced thought leaders / influencers
3) Building a personal brand

As a marketing professional based in India, I was recently trying to create a calendar for Marketing Events in India that any marketing professional could plan to attend. In this post, I’m sharing the curated list based on month.

The aim is to create a handy reference for anyone who wants to attend marketing related events. Most of these events occur once a year. Below created based on 2015 schedule.


The India Digital Summit [IAMAI]

World Marketing Congress [AIMA]


Digital Marketing Forum [Adobe]


IT Marketing Summit [PaulWriter] 


Digital Marketing Conversations [IAMAI]


Marketing Conclave [IAMAI]

Digital Enterprise Transformation Summit [Frost & Sullivan]

Did I miss any event? Leave a comment to let me know..

Please Note:: I will be updating this list periodically.


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