Looks & Cooks to Voices, Choices & Joys | A Power Series for Women’s Day

Regular readers of my blog know that the topic of women at work is close to my heart, and I always do something special for Women’s Day through my writings on my blog.
This year I am excited to share with you that we have conceptualized, crafted and curated a Power Series for Women’s Day. As part of this series, I’ll publish one post every day here on the blog on one of the themes and topics listed below. I truly believe that sometimes reading the perspectives of people with different backgrounds, contexts and life experiences can sometimes change the way you think and look at people (women), careers and life.
I’ve had a great time working on this series, and I hope you have a great time reading it..
Just one request – Sharing is Caring; so we’ll be delighted if you show that you care for the case and cause of women by sharing this.. Thank You!
If you have any feedback, questions, comments or want to feature this in any publication, please write to us at backtothefront@peoplekonnect.co.in


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