Surge2016 – What I remember after more than 1 month?

I had the opportunity to attend the Surge 2016 (way back in Feb) this year, and it was a great experience. The sheer energy, enthusiasm, people is amazing, not to mention the fantastic sessions and opportunity to network with a host of thought leaders, startups, VC’s, etc.

For those who don’t know what Surge is – here’s a quick note “SURGE is Web Summit’s first conference in India. In 5 years, Web Summit, held annually in Europe, has grown from 400 attendees to over 42,000 from more than 134 countries. It’s been called “the best technology conference on the planet”. 

I meant to do this post many days ago, but just didn’t do it. But now that I am doing a post – I thought I should write about what I really remember from the session – after so long! The key reason is that if I remember it even now, that means the message was important in my context.

So sharing below key points in random order:

* For any event of this scale – planning and preparation is key. I am told that the organizers start a year in advance!

* The next best thing I liked was the overall arrangement and number of volunteers to help attendees – all very polite and genuinely resourceful

* The music was truly catchy, and truly added to the vibrancy

* I loved the fact that every session was for about 20 min, and they mostly stuck to the time. So no rushing through any session, and that was GREAT!

* In the session from Mahesh Murthy (Founder of PinStorm), the below points stayed with me

  • Today is the time and space for extra-ordinary dominance in any industry ; No. 1 has 80%, No. 2 has 8% – no spot for No. 3. So as a startup / business, you have 2 choices – outspend or outthink
  • Product market fit is very important – no matter what you do
  • Word of Mouth – best marketing
  • Truly the age where an idea can change the world
  • Internet – 360 mn ; TV – 250 mn users. Internet is ahead of TV as a channel for content
  • Positoning matters – both within the company and in the market : Redbull – entertainment company whuch pulls out energy drinks
  • Your product is your best marketing
  • Truly the time when people who can use the Left + right brain will rise and shine

* In another session, the Foundation of any business was highlighted as:

  • Vision
  • Talent acquisition
  • Culture
  • Leadership

* Any business model should factor:

  • Product scalability
  • Market scalability

* A great initiative called CK12 (Started in 2007) provides free online learning material to schools, students and teachers. Has 30K students, and about 50X pageviews. Best part is that Teachers are part of the co-creation process for creating relevant content

  • Concept of Flexbooks – customizable textbooks based on students learning aptitude
  • Believe that e all learn differently
  • Early education has to be contextualized

* Globally, there are 3 mn professional mobile app developers. Wow!

* 700 mn – mobile audience in India ; Great untapped opportunity!

* Not to mention – my rendezvous with some so many uber-cool technology startups!


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