My notes from IAMAI 2016

I had the opportunity to attend the IAMAI’s 10th Digital India Summit in Feb 2016. For those who don’t know “the flagship annual event of IAMAI – India Digital Summit has been the premier Digital event in the country. Entering its 10th year, the theme for this year is ‘Stand-Up Start-Up.’ Being one of the largest annual gatherings of the Digital Ecosystem in the country, the 10th IDS will play host to 1500+ Senior & Mid-level executives from a plethora of sectors like Mobile & Internet, Technology, Cloud, eCommerce, Travel & much more. The premier most agencies, FMCG & BFSI brands, Payment Regulators & Evangelists will be in attendance this year” [Src: IAMAI website]

In this post, I am sharing some quick notes and take-away’s from the sessions I attended:

  • As a founder, best to start early and young – You have nothing to loose
  • Find a big problem to solve ; Focus on solving a real problem where these is a market need
  • Be clear on how to make money – short-term or long-term
  • Build a great team – Focus on attracting talent and retaining them
  • Key for start-ups
    • Hiring decisions and process
    • Team sticks together ; Ideas can change
  • Celebrate failures and learn from them ; since you will have more failures than successes in initial few years
  • Start-ups are cash strapped and time-strapped ; Value both and make the most of them. Be lean – Conserve cash ; Cash is the most valuable asset
  • Early days of startups – You should measure everything ; Track your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) daily; micro measurement is key
  • Believe in your ability to do something big
  • Run company on innovation
  • Whenever you hit a road-block and are not growing, see how you can improve your product or service by 10X ; or make it 10 times cheaper
  • Attention to detail is key – for customer support and customer pitches; The initial customer interactions are critical for growth
  • Need to constantly remind the team of mission and reason why you are here
  • Digital independence where it is a level playing ground –and the merit of your idea is what gets you the success
  • India stack for future Payments
    • Presence less
    • Paperless
    • Cashless service delivery
  • Let end users create solutions / apps and Aadhar / iSPIRT provide the infrastructure:
    • JAM
      • JanDhan – Bank accounts
      • Aadhar – Identity – 1 bn in 2016 : Public platform
      • Mobile – 25 Mn new smartphone / quarter
    • Use the power of API’s over JAM to create new innovative solutions
    • 77K micro-ATM’s at PDS (Postal delivery Center)
    • e-KYC : based on Aadhar Identification
    • Increasing focus to design Consent architecture – where what you consume or experience is based on your consent to accept or engage with a service / solution / product / brand
    • In future, every Indian should be able to pay to:
      • Mobile
      • Aadhar
      • Virtual address

Last but not the least, it was interesting to see that the 2 speakers who got a house-full are Mr. Rajan Anandan (from Google) and Mr. Vijay Shekar Sharam (PayTM) . So in any event, what draws an audience is who you are, where you come from and what you accomplished!

With that, I sign off for now..


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