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NischalaI’m Nischala – A working mother based in India, who is trying and striving to make it all work (at work and beyond) every single day. Any extra time I create / make / get beyond this, I do the things I love doing most – writing, reading, thinking, learning  and dreaming!

I spent my childhood and formative years in the Garden City of India (Bangalore) and will probably always be a “Banglorean by heart” (If you live in Bangalore, you will know what I mean!) . They were truly memorable, fun and exciting years which revolved around school, friends, games, studies, books, art and idleness. And I’m really glad for those times and years which were instrumental in shaping / molding my personality and outlook to life. Looking back, I’m mighty pleased that we did not have TV, mobile, iPads, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. or any of the latest ‘high-tech’ stuff back then!. The joy and freedom of playing outdoors, running / cycling competitions, climbing trees (and plucking fresh fruits for a snack!), playing pranks, barking at your neighbors dogs, running behind animals like cats, rabbits and chicks, cat-fights and dog-fights over evening games, bon-fires in winters, free natural pedicures in the water-tanks full of fish 🙂 is unparalleled. You have to live those wonder years to know what they were like. But alas! Those were the good old days.

I’ve had very many diverse interests since childhood and have always enjoyed learning new things. It is no wonder that the list of things that I’ve done in life is really really really long. From sports (which includes sprint / marathon running, basketball, billiards, snooker, aerobics, long jump, high jump, table tennis, badminton, swimming to the Indian street games like Lagori, Elastic, Hop scotch, etc.) to arts (pencil sketching, painting, calligraphy, Ikebana, puppet making, stitching clothes!) to cooking to music (classical) to theater to compering shows to social service (through Help Age India, etc.) to yoga to directing plays to (creative) writing – I’ve done it all! The only problem is that I’m (in)famous for going only so far with each. Once the “initial euphoria” wears down…I move on to the next exciting thing 🙂 After all, it is one life and worth trying everything you can, right?

Moving on, studies took the fore-front and I trudged along. I completed my Engineering in Computer Science and went on to do my MBA from IIM, Bangalore – one of the best B-schools in India. Management education was defining for me because it exposed me to some of the best and brightest brains in India (both in terms of teaching faculty and student interaction). I truly realized the value of studying under and with the best! It is a class apart and a truly unique life experience

The next chapter of my life is called “Work – Money – EMI chakra“. yes! I fell into the trap ~15 years ago and I’m still figuring my way out (Sigh! If you have any ideas on a quick exit route, I’m all ears – Leave a comment below). The good thing is that the penchant for ‘new and diverse experiences’ has fueled my career taking me across the world through unique, exciting and enriching destinations, cultures, places, people, work assignments, challenges, failures and successes which have all played their role in what I am today. I have been fortunate to experience in my career (up close and personal) the great, good, bad & ugly (law of averages at play!); and I survived. All these experiences have given me a holistic understanding of business, work and life. Apart from paying the bills, these experiences give me enough thoughts, ideas and material to write regularly! For now, it all comes together in my numerous writings / blogs, which are widely read and immensely popular across the globe.

And yes! I forgot to mention – In between all this, I was bitten by the 3M madness – Marriage and Motherhood (Twice!). Marriage made me a reader, and motherhood a writer (I don’t know how they are related, but will figure :). I manage to continue my corporate career thanks to the excellent support of my family – who keeps me rooted to reality!

I started this blog as a place to share my observations, reflections, insights, perspectives, lessons, experiences, opinions, tips, tricks and solutions as I navigate the journey of work, life and motherhood. My claim to fame is that I was among the Top 10 Most Influential Bloggers in India, among the 50 Indian Women to follow on Twitter and among 20 Must Follow Indian Women on Twitter.

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  2. I read your article on Content Marketing posted on NewsCred. Very insightful and precise. Drew me to your website and realised the website has a bit of inspiring stuff. Pleased to start a Monday on this note !!

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